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Pelican Poems

...write a word
......write something

"pelicans are ugly"

yeah! thats cool
that'll do for an opening line

"pelicans are brave"

hold on now!
what the hell does that mean?
let's not get too carried away

forget pelicans
I know nothing about them anyway
I should have just started writing about
how much I don't know about pelicans
in the first place

how about...

"why are pelicans so ugly?"

that opens it up for some speculative thought

"so sad, my heart breaks for mother pelican
seeing her offspring for the first time
Oh! the poor pitiful things, she quawnks
but her love nurtures them
despite trepidation"

and so the story continues
pelicans become iconic symbols
analogies surround insightful similes
abounding around their freaky beaks


inspiration for great works of art?
not from me
but, at least they gave me
a great place to start


LOL! this is cute and speculative at the same time! I've never thought about the life of a Pelican before.

Always, Cat

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