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The Other Side Of The Mountain

See the car parks
with their shiny new cars,
next to the sparkling new sports arena
and the smiling children,
excited about the game to be seen.
See the lovely girls
with their perfect faces
near the skyscraper buildings
that pierce the sky.
And how people pay so much
for something to eat,
in the expensive restaurants
always so full.
Look at the beautiful shops
full of wonderful clothes
and the children enjoying life
down at the beach.

But on the other side
of the mountain
a smile is hard to find,
As people try to survive
life in a shanty town.
Children are wandering
alone in the streets,
sometimes with nothing
on their feet.
With sores that never heal
and hair that’s never clean
abandoned and hoping to be pitied
by the old lady
who takes in children,
on the other side of town.
Life is very different
on the other side of the mountain.

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Structured: Western
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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thank you Shirl, hope you and yours are well.
take care,

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