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A Certain Smile

It was on my regular walk, when I first saw her
with her beautiful red hair, flowing in the breeze.
A lovely young girl, in her teens
always happy to smile at me
and to say hello.
She was much younger then.

Now when I see her, she has the look of a woman
and a young man holds her hand.
I saw them both walking towards me the other day
coming from the woods nearby.
His face a little flushed and her hair still lovely
but rather ruffled.

They both seemed a little self conscious
when they passed by me
and as she said hello,
she seemed to look different,
as she gave me a certain smile,
something I'd not seen for a long time.

Then I realised what I had seen,
he was her first love,
we all know the signs.
I think she may have shared
her passion with him
for the very first time.

I haven't seen them for quite a while.
They probably have other ways
of spending time together now,
than walks in the woods.
But I think I will always remember her,
with her lovely red hair and that certain smile.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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Thank you Ian, hope you are well,

author comment

Your write here reflects how you seen her and the hair and smile come to vision. Is it possible this is about a lost love of yours perhaps? I think also it is a poem story and it shows and feels of how you the writer incorporated those thoughts to pen here.

Beautiful story friend

Love to you and missed you

Thank you Mona, lovely to hear from you. The story is not about a lost love, just an observation of life with a little bit of poetic licence.
You take care,

author comment
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