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Rest your tears,

let it drown your fears

pain will champion real gain

the torment won’t grow beyond moments

pleasures will be your treasures

Keep faith, just wait

Never faint, just faith

Depend on him,

to him don’t pretend

Live! Just live, that's all you will give

It’s not wrong, only be strong

Trust is all,

It won’t hurt

Ever failed? You will be bailed

Obey is the demand, good will be pay

Just hold on, you can hang on

It will come, Yes! Come

It is time, Yes! In your prime

Yesterday, it all pained

Today is robed,

with all gained

choose your prefer,

in delay you defer

a real essence worth the patience

grab your chance, yes with a bag

a moment so precious in time

before you, it begs to be possessed

Be polished,

you can’t be abolished

Yes! Word your world

Life like a wife; it gives

Building same guild, it assures

Hope strong, such as a rope

Life’s well, won’t resist

Stretch, fetch, never desist

Laziness is sin, work must be religion

Victory at last, like a blast

You made it,

come take it

A price paid it, treasure it

Take! It’s all yours

Welcome to good success!

“The only sin is laziness, our religion should be hard work”

“Bongos Ikwue”

Author: Joseph Felix Osaghemede

Written: 6:25pm – 7:18pm;

20th February, 2011

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +2348037825027

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How was my language use?
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How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Is the internal logic consistent?
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Well hello there friend and I am falling asleep at net now so I will bookmark this and check it out later. I wondered if you were sitll here or not? Blessings to you

Mona Magics

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