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No, not at all old
The legs still hold
The weight
Of the mighty poet
A Lord amongst equals

Poetry is a gift divine
Many compose
But minuscules shine,
Let this birthday of thine
Give you the entire love fine.
As you step up the ladder
More the world will be gladder.

Such a poet,
Once walked this way,
Did also say
Twill be a rosy day,
When a Nobel comes
Thy way

Shakingspeare....ALIAS ...LOVED

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I am honored that anybody would think enough of me to write me a poem. Thank you..............stan

have acccepted my small piece of love and affection i bestow on all i know and those who also love me so as much as i know you do so a friend is only a firend when both know


author comment

Happy Birthday Friend

Not just anybody,
But it’s me.
When I feel the urge
To convey my pleasure
Happiness at the time
One does deserve,
Especially when I know,
The one whom I’m to bestow,
Loves me like a friend
That we both know,
Then alone I compose
My affection I show,
As upon your face,
It now brings a glow.


author comment

Stan, Stan the rhyming man!

Sorry, but there just wasn't enough time
To write you a perfectly fitting little rhyme
So I quickly made up this little short ditty
In some vain hope that it was slightly witty...but I failed!

Happy Birthday my dear friend,



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With all that I am and all that I could be, I walk this earth, yet nobody sees me.

little ditty
far from shitty
looking for another rhyme
without saying
thank you.............................stan

the way you fly
your free kiss
not many would like to miss
ask vanni please miss f
or a kiss
on behalf of
Stan and Me

The Internet is dicey
hope you do see


author comment

god bless him for a lovely wife like u


author comment

My heart continues to swell with all these best wishes..............stan

thanks Shirley.....................stan

Thank you Rosi.............stan

xena the only WARRIOR


author comment

Had it not been for you writing this I would of not know it was Stan's Birthday. This is so special for you to write this. I liked it and for Stan the Man

You hold a key to a classic write
You don't give in to a mighty fight
Happy Birthday to you, you're one of a kind
I send you best wishes all at one time

Had I known today
It was your Birthday
I'd a sent you a rose
From loved's pretty prose

thank you Loved and Happy Birthday to my Scriber!!

Magics Mona

Such a nice thing to see early this morning.Thank you...........stan

but for Stan having been born today
not so many would have come by my way ...
thank the Lord STAN-the- MAN,
is happy today
so am i also
thanks may i shower
your way

HOWZ your father now
u may say.


author comment

I thank you for asking and my dad is here with me now and I am both taking care of him and myself as I have injured my back once again. He is eating and can not walk much but I tend to him like the many years he tended to me.
It is hard but it is also rewarding knowing that my great spirit has given me the courage to do the best I can do for him now.

I like the nice poem for Stan and I sent it to him also late last night. Had you not written this I would never have known and thank you for doing so. Will visit as time allows to read your works and others. I want to be more proactive here in helping some aspiring writers to work on the things I have been also doing with my writing endeavors.

I like your rose picture:)

Love Loved:)

another good wishes

for uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


author comment
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