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First and last flight...

Mr Spock drags it out of me…

Captain’s Log star date 23 June 2154. 21.17 hours.

Well sir you said this was “your” Enterprise, these words…will haunt me.

Arrived late for warp speed flight,
Been gambling and relaxing below deck.
What greeted me was an awful sight,
the crew intoxicated, flight room was a wreck.
Told Scotty we needed more power,
he answered that the engine had burst.
From this I concluded that now this hour,
would be spent sobering up Scotty at his worst.

Flying through space in mere, metal pouches,
drink prostitutes us all, such an evil brew.
The dark lieutenant with the legs she slouches,
where on earth did they assemble such a crew.
As we fly through galaxies and black holes,
our free time is spent on more earthly demands.
The men especially harder than women to control,
are we ever left, to feel total command.

Male astronauts are extremely ignorant,
but I can assure you females are worse.
Men are more forward with what we want,
females, those who think are a curse.
Old sea dogs would never have women,
on board their lovely free sailing ships.
Me I have to consider them super human,
oh how I wish to curtail their trips.

Now Mr Spock arrives in a sequined gown,
“me thinks“.. how this creature looks the part
When he first came, out, was I made to feel the clown,
he saved my life, I told him he could have my heart.

To achieve some order I said,
Mr Spock why are you wearing female clothes ?
Beginning of this log, was his answer…captain Smirk, end of log.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
No offence ladies...
Editing stage: 


back and read the beginning a couple of times before I got it. Butt then.... This was hilarious! Even though you turned my favorite show of that era into a comedic proposition, I loved it! Funny stuff. ~ Gee

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