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The Revisions function


I suspect a lot of people haven't figured out how to use the revsions tab when reviewing other people's works. It's not very intuitive but it's an invaluable tool.

If you want to see how someones poem has evolved through the suggestions and editing process click on the Revisions tab above the title next to View (if it isn't there, they have not edited the poem since posting it).

You will then see a dated list of revisions made since it was first posted. tick one circle on the left (usually the bottom one, which is the original post) and one on the right (top is the most recent) then click on Show diff.

You will then see the 2 versions of the poem side by side and can compare the differences.

It provides a fascinating insight into the evolution of the poem and how powerful this site can be at its best.

Have fun,

I had been wondering how this was done..............scribbler

I figured it out the other day, and I like being able to see the process from start to finish.It could be a little more user friendly but I too think its a great tool for young writers such as myself.

"For what is it to die, But to stand in the sun and melt into the wind?"

I was wondering how it worked.

always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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Good day mate. May I ask you something and first let me say. good blog. I have a poem that I did a while back and when I went into the revisions page it showed an anonymous revision. Is that something someone did or the computer picked up? Thought you might know perhaps. I sure have to work on my revisions and I appreciate your blog today.

Back to rest


ps: how many times did my word count go up:) or down should I say:) You know what I mean.... $$$$ lol.

anonymous is you.
No-one else can revise your poems

not that I'm counting but I reckon your word count is still pretty high teehee

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author comment

Upon entering that again the revised is not something I did, therefore the question. I was wondering when you were coming out from under that couch? Remember when we had that chat and I was cracking up as I was stuck to the seat from super glue. I miss those nights, especially Saturday nights with you and Geez. All in good time it will be here again, I hope. How is the library going and did you suffer any of that flooding in your area. I did not know how close or far you and the other Aussie poets were to all of that. Hope all is well by you.

I have to check my word count. I am really glad you pointed that out for now I have been more aware of it. Now that is not to say I may use it on occasion:) Talk soon


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