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Boganarte Gate

the heat wavers
rusted bright against
the painful dark

today is an open book
with chapters flowing
and clouds white torn

I could kiss
deep the dark of night
where dreams have
lain waiting upon the
stoney bed of creeks

stubby grasses bright
green and trees twisted
with wisdom and stalwart
dry seasons

turn the tap and release
fresh desire
My mind is parched
and my soul is hollow
like the stretched skins
of the poacher

in this shadow
and soothing
heart ache

I can see
as far as I can

and I feel the
of you

and me

Editing stage: 


addiction hungry
walking every


living in comfort in the dark room
the haunted tub
the ghost mirror

Dreaming of mermaids

author comment

I just wanted you to know that I have not missed reading a single one of your poems since you returned.
This poem is most excellent, filled with your usual, wonderful imagery, and that unique quality you have in your writing, that suspends time while your poem is being read.

I could kiss
deep the dark of night
where dreams have
lain waiting upon the
stoney bed of creeks

Sheer, pure, unadulterated poetry.

Thanks man.

Respectfully, Jim

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

I write for Neoland
I hope I can achieve what the
greats of poetry did for me
in some small or great

and here
I find poets
raw and uncensored

this is a fucking great site

I wandred lost as a cloud
when it went down
and then it came back


and here I am

your poet

thank you!

author comment

i think jim hit the nail on the head when
he said that your writing has a unique
quailty in that time is time is suspended for
the reader ...that's exactly what i feel when
i read you

all else fades into the background as i
am transported by your words ...the emotion
and imagery laid out in front of me, is very

i have read this particular poem on and off
since it was posted, and i have to say e, it's
one of your best of your very best

your structure
line breaks
how your words lead the reader
through some truly lovely imagery ...
it's all so very good

i love how the words thin out towards the end
as if they

are falling





this is poetry

your admiring

"this is poetry"


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