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Margaret Ann Waddicor
9th February 2011.

Caw crow,
your crookéd walk
a waddle like a duck ,
your cawing fills the wood,
as black and sharp you croak
to originate suspicion's cloak of soot
to cause alarm,
our words in mysteries and myths,
your messages, your shadows cast
on damsels, villages in distress,
or enchanting maidens far away
to places still unknown.

Yours is the throne, debatable,
and thrawn with tales of good and bad,
and yet so innocently you live your life,
not knowing what you cause to us
two legged animals that roam beneath your trees,
so worried, full of strife, while you look on
and caw to sun and moon,
stand silhouette as evening draws nigh,
and make a sudden contrast in the sky.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


you obviously put a lot of work into this and it definitely paid off.
the long line in S2, might shorten with a 'roaming your trees', or a 'who roam your trees'. but that's just me.
still a great piece unchanged.
keep 'em coming!

Beauregard and the_fool, thank you for stopping by, I see what you mean and agree with you both, perhaps I leave it a moment in case anyone else comes by, but I shall edit it.

Oh fool "your feet's too big, where jugetem?" Fats Waller singing it! Not to mention your nose, pray whom, dear sir, is the drawing of? He/it looks wise in a way, pompous in a way too, supercilious perhaps...

Love Ann in N.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

author comment

thx Anne. the lil guy is called Da Lizard and is a steady character in Vaughn Bodes work, particularly in Cheech Wizard and The Lounge Lizards. i use this pic whenever i can.
much enjoyed the fats waller song, thx for turning me on to it!

The crow Does seem to occupy more of our written works and myths than it deserves doesn't it? Only change? Fills the forest would give a subtle alliteration instead of fills the wood, but what do I know? lol.........stan

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