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New year

Well the new year has come. In one way I wouldn't think it would ever get here. And in another I didn't think it would slow down. I hope this year is better than last year. For myself and others. Difficult things here seem to be coming to a head and will soon be over, I just can't wait for that. It's a good start to a new year. I may be going to Collage. Studding the professional line i have a passion for...Animals. I'm going to be a dog groomer making a LOT of money, I never knew they made that much. It's very cold here I just wish we would get more snow. It's only snowed twice and it only stayed for a total of two days, just a dusting. But i love what the good Lord gives me. Guess I can't complain. I'm looking at getting married soon as well. Which will be soo amazing for me!!! Wish me luck!!! Its a wonderful start for a new year!! I look forward to doing more rooms on neo. Well I guess that just about wraps it up for now. Good luck to all of you and good luck to Neopoet. I hope you have an amazingly good year...........


You go out and have a beautiful year, put you first so that you can be there for others, enjoy being, hug a tree or two do what your ways will guide you to do. Have a lovely life out there, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

And a very good year to you also. Can't help but hope you will be STUDYING and not studding dog grooming lmao........stan

I look very VERY forward to going through with this and being a groomer. the money I would be making is almost unbelievable $:) I'd be very comfortable. Thanks Stan.


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I don't think we have been properly introduced yet. What's you're name?? Maybe you could come to one of my next rooms. I'm scheduling some at the moment. I LOVE hosting my rooms and sharing my poetry with everyone, I love the constructive criticism I get. Thank you so much for your Kind message and I do plan to ENJOY LIFE this year. The last few years of my life have been utterly horrendous but i plan to change all of that and make life the best for me and my Fiance. Again thank you and I hope this year is wonderful for you and all of my neopoet friends!!!!!!

Sincerely Nichole.

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Life is full of shadows and light isn't it?...i wish you more of sunshine in your life and very best wishes for your dreams and aspirations to come true..its nice to know that you are on the threshold of married life and a career which would bring you great deal of satisfaction as well as riches....

looking forward to read more of your poetry which is beautiful in its simplicity and comes straight from your heart...

much love..

raj (sublime_ocean)

I thank you for your very kind and caring words. I must say I haven't written in a while and haven't had an urge to. Life is throwing me curves with shadows that I am trying to work my way through. I hope i can go through with collage if i can get the help i am asking for from a family member. Well It's late I must get in the shower and be ready for the day to come. Thank you very much for your kind words.

Love and hugs Nichole

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it is no big deal to wish someone good...more so to someone who is as good as you very best wishes and prayers for you to brave the storm...

love and hugz...

raj (sublime_ocean)

I really do appreciate the kind and comforting words you give me. And I need them right now more than my pride will allow me to voice. I will brave the storm, I have for almost 20 years now. No i'm not that old, but it's amazing what life throws at a young person that comes from a very different past. I thank you, and I thank GOD for having such amazing friends such as you, Cindy, Paul, Richard and everyone else i know and love. On this note, I am lucky!!! So i mustn't complain.

Love, Nichole

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I am no philosopher..but someone has said it so well "God helps those who help themselves" i am sure all your hard work and braving of stors\ms will pay off....look at it this way that it has happened sooner than keep that fighting spirit best wishes and prayers always...

much love and hugz..

raj (sublime_ocean)

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