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August 2020 Contest Announcement

Tell us about your expirience during this pandemic
Poem can range from 12 to 32 lines. Written in any style
For more information please visit:

Remember to have fun and good luck to all contestants!

July 2020 Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner: C Lynn Brooks
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

Most active poems


Some people sculpt, some people paint
but all I do is build and write
expecting little save complaint.
With age I sleep little at night.

I rage against what I can't do.
My mind commands, body denies.
Building days are almost through
but I can still watch sunset skies.

Notebooks slowly fill with verse.
Sometimes I scribble of old times
when everybody had yet ridden a hearse;
before I began penning rhyme.

Mount Vesuvius

Pizza Margherita, please

With sauce made from the finest tomatoes
Hand-picked today

Chopped up in the pot by loving hands
boiled for two hours

Pasta for the pizza, shhhhh, that’s a secret
Every great pizzaiolo has his own

Smothered with mozzarella di bufala
And a small handful of the finest fresh basil
That has perfume fit for Queen Margherita herself

In the oven, for five minutes and "eccola"

Drizzle with the finest Italian olive oil
And now the eruption of delight on your palate.

Conceived at dawn (Tanka Couplet)

gentle brush of breeze
upon soft dewy petals
awakens desire

passion flower is excited
like a maiden is in wait

flutter bee alights
within her welcome embrace
to feast on nectar

consumed in the aftermath
she now dreams about babies

Active contests

The Pandemic

Description: Write a poem concerning the Covid19 Pandemic


Objectives: Write a poem about the pandemic. Poems can be written in any style and must be between 12 and 32 lines.

Subject matter: Covid19 pandemic

How Judged:

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