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mona's blog

Hi! I'm alive

I should say I'm back.
But according to the miserable situation here in my country I said that. I’m still seeking for save place with my family by moving from one town to another.

I miss you all my friends here.

See ya soon

A poem by old member here,Theo""Kaligantsaros"

(love Sprite)

In different worlds and other times
Perhaps our souls in different bodies
we rolled on pastures , lay on ground
shining smiles and throwing dice .

In times gone by when our spirits grew
into lives we hardly knew
Our vessels ghosted on by and through
like the knuckle bone games we played.

As children of the new nascent earth
we wove our stories tasted birth
a cloth for you a flag for me
a dance around the living tree.

Al jazeera TV is the first Arab channel who made this lies ((((propaganda)))) around the world, that’s why the western experts don’t know what is going on.
Let me tell you what is going on:
We are the Libyans are very angry from these channels who got paid properly …
Coz we don't know why they say what they said and it’s not TRUE
WHY these channels not come to Libya and make REAL photos and videos
Coz We saw the news too,

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