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I Will Critique More

Hey everyone,

I want to apologise for my inactivity on the site, I feel really privileged to be on this site and to interact with all you amazing poets. I feel awful I haven't been able to critique other's works. I hope to rectify this during the next couple of weeks and then intensely during my uni semester break.

The reason I've been inactive on the site and replying to and critiquing others work is because of my uni workload, as I'm studying four subjects at moment that are very time consuming with assignments. Now that I've handed in a big bulk of them I intend to be much more active here.

However, if I do become less active on the site again (this will probably happen during next semester), feel free to email your poems and I'll critique them and send them back to you personally. I might forget to log into the site but I check my email very regularly, and I would love to critique your work.

Okay now I sound like a weird stalker-type...

I realise not many (if anyone) knows me on this site, but if you would like an extra opinion and I haven't been active remember you can always email me directly.


[email protected]


It is good that you have your priorities straight. Your education is more important than critiquing here. But I do look forward to hearing from and reading you as you find time...........scribbler

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