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Befool or Be fool

The world is called a moving inn and only a limited number of people who live a successful life in this moving inn are happy. This success requires becoming a parrot, not a merit. To become a parrot, one has to sacrifice the self-esteem of many generations, not of one's conscience, and trade one's conscience. With such great efforts one becomes a parrot. This group, which has all kinds of interests in every age, is called a successful group. For this everlasting success, this everlasting service requires only a certain kind of practice of speech and some kind of hard work. As some politicians have come a long way!
This successful group never fails. It is found in every person, from the smallest to the largest. The purpose of this group is to make the little man realize some of the hidden talents and qualities that are never found in such a way that even the man will admit that there are endless abilities in him to some extent! With these virtues, to enlighten this forgotten people in such a way that the poor people, with puzzled eyes, blindly believe in these attributes in absentia. Just as the anchors who describe the characteristics of the present government are seeing the winds change, they are now calling the savior party of some time ago a giant and change a disaster!
The people in this successful group are some of the persistent people that you would be proud to say they were told. Even if their victim (leader) tells a lie and his statement is proved on the world stage that it was indeed a lie, then they also defend it with great pomp and circumstance. Sahib's lie was not a common one but was refuted till date and the fact that it has been proved globally proves his veracity that his lie is known to every array of others.
The group gathers around the person with whom the word leader appears, like a shopper in a storm or a bug flying over a light in a market. They revolve around every big and small leader. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. If there is one historical proof, it is that it has come into existence since the beginning of human classification.
If we look at the history of world, we see that this group has always been successful. They build a fence around their prey in such a way that neither the people nor the people can communicate with it. Hiding the truth and spreading lies is its first and last principle. They keep proving the well to be white and night to day. And the funny thing is that nowadays leaders also give positions to those who are overly flattering. If the leader is naked, they show him dressed in three pieces. If the leader is a drunkard, they show pictures of his Mecca and Medina on the media. They are also calling every ruler a savior and singing the praises of his government which has driven out the masses. They always advise not to panic even though the people are very nervous. They do not leave anyone but change the party. They leave the same party many times and as soon as it has to form a government they are included in it. And so we get to the end of it and go with the other.
This successful group also sometimes goes out of the country but only to have a good time and to turn to their other peers.
This group is actually a very big astronomical group. It smells like a change of government and it keeps saying goodbye as long as its stakes are high and as soon as the signs of change of this government appear or When there is a hint of its removal, they begin to prove their own government the worst. The same things that they used to describe as their prey are now presented as stubborn and ego and mistake. By labeling it as irrational, they themselves get out of the narrow alley, on the other side of which the second victim is waiting for them to join them and then start fooling the people again!

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