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Splash Pool (parody)

Scribbler: Greetings all
Geezer: I know I’m kind of late…
Samary: I am really interested in
Samary: A piece of good imagery
Scribbler: Yep
Mark: It’s never too late to join in
B9Pat: confusion
Mark: Here is my own
Scribbler: Now
Mark: Do you think this is more of a showing?
Scribbler: yeah
B9Pat: Thank you Mark
Samary: I got more tactile
Scribbler: I think
Sparrow 42: Mark
Scribbler: Very good
Samary: sight, sound, feel…you
Mark: Agreed on that Sam
Pugilist: I’d like to expand on the concept
Lovedly: purely
Samary: symaesthesia?
B9Pat: An attempt at imagery
Scribbler: Let’s see…
Mark: Thanks Sam and yes I imagined
Cathy mccormick: the kitchen is sweating, its
Mark: I love that Cathy
cathy mccormick: thanks mark, inspiration:
Mark: indeed
Scribbler: So to keep thing simple for now we will assume tactile must be

Samary: You obviously don’t think that
Mark: Time to clean up my friend
Lovedly: it is getting more and more difficult for you stan
Scribbler: very
Pugilist: I like what Mark said
Samary: haha
Mark: I like that it is very nice
Mark: I admire that Samantha
Scribbler: OK
Mark: This has me smiling
Scribbler: AH HA!
Scribbler: I
cathy mccormick: could feel myself there too
Mark: I stick by my personal rules though
Samary: I stick by my personal rules
Samary: Scribbler are you misunderstanding?
Scribbler: Okey
Lovedly: dust me darling
Scribbler: To all shop members
Samary: Show not tell
Scribbler: In my humble opinion
Mark: I think detail is important but
Samary: Mark
Geezer: Hope I’m in…
B9Pat: Mark I like yours
Mark: Does touch need action involved?
Mark: yea! woohoo!
Scribbler: Stripper
Samary: Hi Stan
Scribbler: OK Sam
Samary: Not sure I understand this
Mark: What I mean to say is
Samary: Naked in Winters Deep
Mark: There was a splash
Samary: Have we given up?
Scribbler: Hmmm….
Cathy mccormick: want to make sure I am clear
Cathy mccormick: I think someone else should
Mark: Give it a go Cathy
Geezer: I’m all for…
Mark: Hanging on an image
Cathy mccormick: small “I”s” like my grandson
Scribbler: Hi Cathy
Scribbler: Sorry
Geezer: Sorry about…
Rula: Hello
Rula: I think I got the idea
Samary: How is one supposed to learn
Scribbler: LOL
Geezer: I agree
Scribbler: Other’s thoughts
Rula: Like a newly coined cent
Scribbler: Getting closer to the end
Rula: Sorry I’m late
Scribbler: Hi Rula


First time to read such a thing... I really like it!
And I'm really sorry I'm late.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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It can be humorous but this one is just OK.
We did them a lot when AOL was running strong.
Some people could put them together while a chat room was was rolling and then post them.
They could be a lot of fun.
This took near 2 hours to put together.
Thanks for stopping by my first blog :~)
It's great to see you back around,


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author comment

Really made me smile some really great innuendo in here and a lovely piece of imagery for the imagery workshop! Well done.

Finding innuendos is half the challenge the other is who says what.
I wish I could have spent more time on it but it really is a brain drain.


Having difficulty navigating Neopoet or having trouble with an understanding regarding Neopoet? Look for the Advocate badge and reach out to an Advocate.

author comment

must really be out of it lol

I think we have been having more of a party than we realised Stan... lol

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