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May more folks like you
Walk he earth
we hope the world
will be a better place to live
and so many will say
Stan had the will
to share the entire bill
we gasped with awe
how only Stan saw the future of Neopoet
we all are selfish only
look at Ian and Stan
they are the two pedestals
upon which Neopoets can stand

Loved the anony mystery
can only say boldly
Stan and Ian
I am along with thee
the river
Thames or Mississippi
it’s only like Loved or Lovedly
flowing besides the Hudson,
maybe the Nile
Amazon too now

so come along
post your poems in advance
take no chance
its a poetic romance
yes for free
just donate some luscious poetry
Let the whole world wide web
[email protected]
come alive let's see....
feel the pulse of neopoetry



We come from nowhere
we go nowhere
yet we go somewhere
but where

we all are minuscule atoms of energy
emerging from the solar energy
and when we cease to be
we merge with the ether
we lose our magnetism,
you may call it soul
I am one a scientist only
in search of the sum and substance whole
let each one for himself
okay her-self
reach a goal
we came from naught
and we shall but have to be
to be or NOT to be
we came to this world to see
now we believe not much we have seen
but what alarms me
what is life?
why of death are we so scared?
we are two faces of a coin aren't we?
Birth and Death!

author comment

well done ! The word is MAGIC.


you are the light
which never off
does ever go
so for ever glow

author comment

And you are the light that shows the way.


for the illumination you will get well soon

author comment

about ME? I am astonished and honored to think somebody thinks well enough of me to do this. Thank you..........stan

our only man
do what ever you can
O man Stan

author comment
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