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Just Remember If You Care
Soon I shall be cast as a statue
in the oceanic shoals of time
as each organ melts
like a candy toy

the candle shows the path
but none can or will find
swards of my living memory

Who would want to commemorate
a lost birdie
flying into the wilderness
called eternity

But have no pity
we all are not parts of infinity
but brazen truth lies in our affinity
we are simply elusive specks
in this vast universe
which so many have already traversed
we will soon be just a forgotten curse
both you I and her or him
one time entity
now ever was
nor to be


Autumn is Now Coming

Autumn plans reversed out of reach
away from the heat of sandy beach
my desire travels to a cold and hard city
snow in great Canada, oh what a pity!

Imagine cuddling is fun so cosy
blushing beneath covers feeling rosy
wishing a third would pop up soon
with a face like a silvery blue moon

perhaps we could park in Banana city
we'd be alone mindless of nitty gritty
recalling kids desired another sibling
a lovely one, wow you are now dribbling

a girl should by next October be due
how memorable it will be, there's no clue
we once enjoyed such a one can't forget
our first Sunny, we were happy to beget

author comment

We do

what we do
but never wonder

why we do '
what we do
when we do
with whom we do
but do
so that someone

some day
one day
may remember

me and you
but we won't know
with WHO

author comment

Seeds- Root-Trunk-Branches
soft feathery leaves
small still
spell bound nudity
I am the autumn tree
lanky trunk
in cold winters breeze
I freeze

my bark -like thin skin
the warmth within me
I ought to contain

autumns will come again
all trees do sustain
multi colourful leaves
strewn across the fields

remember me as a mother tree
now stark
but still lovely
lonely isolated leaves do wander
out in the whiteness of snow
hoping spring will come soon enough
to re-clothe me

author comment
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