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Now I stand at the threshold of time
the first step to teen
of toothless old wine
no more sweets no Valentine

But as Shakespeare
had he been today
would have said

I lost my breath
when I was born
short of red corpuscles
lesser oxygen
no stamina

then at my wedding
lost my nasal
I was told I'd married
no honey moon
that soon

Then I lost my tongue taste
yet I lapped up all
like a famished dog in haste
Now I can't show my face
a fatty rattty still in
blasted rat race

then became half blind
cataract became
a living home of mine
so very kind

finally still
I lost my ear
couldn't anyone from near hear
distant shrieking birds did sing
cheer up
don't just messages fling

Shakespeare came to review
my poems for a Nobel
He said now come to hell

half truth tales you tell
just in one word
can't you sum it up and say
Sans All
you know FA
Dreaming of a Nobel till this day
''sans man''
but still I wish to say
A much longer
May Corona or Covid19
as they say
till 100 years not take you away
Good day
but sans I still say
have a drink on me you may

Note Sans means


I really like this it's got a musical rhythm,

you know FA? May I ask what it means?

Thank you...Teddy

The most obvious in life
Fuck all == know nothing =ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOssssssssssssssssssssss
Hope it satisfies all and those who
now know
still..... FA

author comment

ok so you asked for some editing help, i get it now.

so i would say just take that line out and your poem is strong without it

who is sans?

i dont want to help if i dont understand ok?

Thank you...Teddy

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