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you excite me... others only tickle------

Perhaps some day
one day
upon my shoulders flowers you all will lay
when you come to know of my poetic way

I have no hard feelings against anyone
here or any where
all to me are abs dear

like you Ian or Geremia or Jess
I must confess
you are the strungs of a ladder I sway upon
and climb with shaky legs all along

a simple poet
a bard as you honour me
and I feel humbled and anchored to the bottom of the vast any where sea
where will you find a gem
if i say like me
Jess will say again blasphemy
and whinere you
so and so he may also call a bustard or bastard
heaven knows

upon your smiling faces
did Loved glow
and now this all Neopoets know

when Alid, Raj and Jayne know
all must Loved know.

Of course Esker and Snow man do
Those who kicked me
and spiked me earlier too
I like them too

they taught me the baby steps of poetic run
nay climb
now perhaps like them I too shine
but perhaps only
ask MOON MAN and many others who said
Loved blast you!


My friend, you are a popular poet on this site, I have unpublished 1/2 of what I posted for lack of interest, Just keep on writing. Your talent Is appreciated,


who does have the nerve to state
another poet has nerves

appreciation comes from with in
but mockery is like sin
but you are the finest poet
with loneliness
as a gift
not a sin

Thus happiness to smouldering hearts
you bring!
That is a situation of win win
you are a gifted poetic soul
all must
and do know .....

may to longer distances
beyond the beyond
your memories may flow
ere you go...
whenever you may!
that Loved can't say

author comment

Behave and settle down to write great poetry, if you can write all these things then you are just being a lazy one, or trying to distract us.
It wont work I know that you can write how long is it going to be before it is here, will I have to read it from my cave and think "Well it has been done at last".
Take care and be a Bard just for a while,
Yours Ian..

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

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