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only for for thought!

Your greenery
seeds within me
a beautiful thought of vegetative poetry

if all things were born of green
leaves filled with chlorophyll only
tell me friend
where the birds and bees will seek
love of seeds so green

and where in the world
we will find birds and bees honey

if only green was the kind of business you seek

what will happen to folks like me
who only
other than green
stuff eat
birds, chicken and meat!


Beyond the stars
we still see
hoping to find the God
which blesses and relieves

but where to find such a universal being
overseeing all human
Now its 7.5 billions

can he count em?

author comment

One person for each year of this present universe, now comes the questions, where did it all begin.
Silly humons, cant they see or work out that just because they start a physical life and then die as they do, it is their logic to assume that there is a beginning and end to all things.
Absolute rubbish this gathering of universes have been and always will be.
No good looking for your made up God, or have the bloody cheek to write that he/she made us in their image that's GM taken to another level.
There is only one thing what happens to the energy patterns we are, that has to be answered, and that is all that matters.
We will form another energy pattern some place in the instant we move on from this one that is encased in a weak body from which we learn of many things, there we will find our own level in the way of all things.
Have a lovely sojourn out there young Bard, and remember that you will still be able to join me for that cup of tea,
Yours Ian .T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

with stars like you
moon and sun like me
keep Sadie informed
will ye

Now get ready
i send my reindeer coach
for thee

author comment
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