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A Memorable Reward

What A Memory

I am overwhelmed,
With ecstatic joy,
On three sites now
They with words portray,
Who a scientist poet could be,
Only a lost character
On some study,
Today three sites
Give life to a simple
Passer by
What have I wrought?
To deserve this frame
Of poetic nuance,
From all so sane
Am I being the cause?
Of perilous love only,
Because of my name,
Am I the mission of many?
Anon, as I still may be,
None shall ever know me,
But poetry I shall continue,
To compose for thee,
As I always say

I am but a passer by
So many love me,
I can’t say why,

But I share my love
With the vast mankind
Oh all ye writers so true
How tis kind of you,
That by now so many
Have put to poetic prose
The life of a forgotten Rose

I shall forever bow to thee
As I am now known
As Shakingspeare
By so many


u know

i am jobless and workless

and so i fill time
writing poetry
once i wrote books
tis time consuming
and waste of money

well i'm glad
i have found a friend
in u as one


author comment


a little over egotistic for my liking,


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