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Magical Mona The First One

Magical Mona

Your power of observation
And memory
Is very great
On Triond I have by now written
3570 plus poems
In a just about two years
How a scientist can compose poetry
Pull out a crowd of poets
From doldrums of ancient poetic fallacy
Leaves much scope for birth
Of modern days Shakespeares
Like I call myself one

I think poetry is simply
An expression of ones inner
And innate feelings
Of love,
Of emotion
Of compassion
It may be arhythmic poetry
Without syllables count
And much more
Of which I sound ignorant,
At the top of my voice,

But that my prose
Has seeded many greater poets
Leaves me sighing,
As an apple tree flourishes,
Not for itself
But the eyes of beholders,
Like you are minuscule few,
So Mona Magic
I bow to you,
May be its okay
If I say
I bow down to thee,
Will it be OK?
By ye

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