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Had I Been a Frenchman

Had I Been a Frenchman
I would've invited you,
To the Riviera
Given you lessons in French,
How to mature a frenchy kiss,
Yes Miss
I often tried to cast you
Into a lovely piece of poetry
I'd make a mould out of you
To pull you out of the doldrums
Of Frenchy thoughts and imagination
So I could help fulfil your frustration
Of having in France
A happy romance
But not with a Frenchy may be
An Italian, a stallion
A villain a sexy medallion
Then make you wonder
What after all lies in a Frenchy
That does not contain
In order to love maintain
In an ordinary person like me,
But for the moment
It’s an aurevoir
That now I can see
Coz I’m not a Frenchy


I expect she''ll get a kick out of this..............scribbler

I am an actor of poetry
no one till date knows
whether Shakespeare was Shakespeare.
Thank God,
he preceded the Nobel
as the prize is not given posthumously
great feelings when you comment thanks
hope u r well


author comment

however, French you are your poem needs a bit of sprucing up before calling to make a date.



spice it up for me
but take care
i should STILL
remain as a Frenchy
thanks my friend
to thee


author comment
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