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James Dan Bond 0007

A rainbow comes
Once in a way
Is it the same?
With my poetry
Do you wish to say?
It comes out good
Only once in a way
Say if you have to so say
But do dan 0007
James Dan Bond
Read my poetry
Just again anyway
Its snowing
So no rainbow today

So Beautiful

I saw your comment
Somewhere on some of my poem
I couldn't locate it
Nor your name
I wanted to thank thee
Oh what a shame,
So very much belated
I don't deserve to be
In this poetic game
All other the poets
Will agree with thee
Not me

And God Said

I am the God
Of Human Creativity
The only creation
Only another Godly person
Can see me in person
Meet me behind the class,
When I’m empty,
Meaning vacant,
Meaning free,
If at all
As a God I’m normally busy,
Trying to avoid another tsunami
When will it come?
Do tell me
God needs information
About it from thee

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