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The Taj Mahal

Is for ever
An everlasting image
For the homage paid
By any lover
Worth his salt
To his loved one.
A perpetual rose

It takes twenty years,
20000 men
Then money's worth
Of 20 crores INR
Convert into dollars
Billion upon billion
Then alone the love of life
Remains alive

As an example of love
For years a trillion billion
Short of eternity
Shah Jehan and Mumtaj Mahal
Still meet

Love Ain’t Blind Yet

You need to know
The tools of love
Have a life
A glow and they alone
Together must
And do flow,
Hope by now you do know

I’m yet not blind
But to find blind lovers
I’ve yet to find
Oh don't grind...
Your teeth
I mean


The love of the TAJ MAHAL


author comment

you have sculpted a good illustration of Taj Mahal in this write ...i visited this ..considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the me it looked better from is saddened by the story which says that the hands of the artisans and sculptors were severed after completing this magnificent monument and an icon of love...just so that they are not able to make something similar again...quite unfair...

raj (sublime_ocean)

Distance lends beauty to the scene
twas serene
but perhaps mean
which Shah Jehan
perhaps did not want to demean
by severing limbs,
twas a crime indeed ,
that's why he spent
his last days unseen,
by any King or Queen ,
nor could he see
his own monument directly
but through a broken piece of glass
as his own face was masked


author comment
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