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Dream Evaluation

Dream Evaluation

What is a dream?
If it’s not worth
A momentary remembrance,
A poet’s delight
A lover’s flight,
A retreat for an encounter
With someone
Remotely placed
In some corner of ones mind,
Scared to surface
Like one of its own kind

Still I wish the lovers unite,
When poetry or prose
Anything we compose
As love is a slow motion
Which churns into?
Vibrational motion

But a dream is
Just a silent imagination
Without any provocation,
Oozes out a solid solution
But that's no resolution
One needs to press on collusion,
If from dreamt experiences alone
One has to orgasm
Like an acerbic solution
Let dreams be the ones
To solve one desires
Of final dissolution


surmounts the human psyche
you have to forget
the past,
as nothing can reverse time
no science,
no god ,
its just a happening
so get over with the inner complex within you
which perhaps

is fear of loss

that's all
with auto suggestion
you can achieve
and get over with what is lost


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