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I Am the By Product of Your Soul

I Am the By Product of Your Soul

Only one thing
I have learned in life,
Is never give in,
You are not the best
Nor are you the worst,
You are the incarnation of a God
Some face tsunami once in a way,
I face it every day
Still I remain as stone
A pedestal upon times home
In the vast sands of time

I know no desert,
Nor sea,
Nor mountain
Which I can't surmount
It may take some time
So I learnt how to rhyme and metaphorically crumble
Under the weights
Of all those who think they are stalwarts
I know you don't think so,
Humble as you may be
Shirley you are like me.


she will really like this...................scribbler

I hope so
so far she is off line
busy as usual


author comment


The ones for you, yes
thanks tis a pleasure
more will share
in equal measure.
Glad you shall be
and enjoy all will
with glee


author comment
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