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lou's blog

To Expose or not Expose

How much should one expose about themselve's, when writing a poem? This is the eternal question, and a subject I have considered ever since i started writing. Because when you do invest a poem with your own emotions, good and bad, you leave your self open to other people's opinion, which may be negative.

Not that anyone gives two [email protected])|@_1

I don't suppose any give a crap what my opinion is,but i've decided i'm not giving up on this site , for a while i lost heart , everyone seemed to be leaving, and there didn't seem too many people that had a positive word, to say about the workshops. But with the re-launch on the horizon, i feel that the site is on the verge of a re-birth. Or atleast i hope so.

Some fresh blood, will do us all some good, hopefully to feel inspired enough to post, and critique again.

Splash Pool Inspiration

Why not join the SplashPool workshop on the 4th of December for a lively exchange of ideas using the brain storming method as a source for original ideas, and have fun writing with others.

We will meet in the workshop chat room, time to be confirmed,

If you are interested please visit the Splash Pool Work Shop page for more details,

PM me if you wish to join.


Emotional chat

sunday 26th 3pm New York 8pm GMT

We will be discussing emotional poetry:

1) how do we write it without being melodramatic
2) how much of ourselves should we expose
3) does emotional mean sad?

We will discuss anything that is in keeping with the theme .


Open chat

I'm hosting an open chat on the 6th November 8pm to 10pm UK time 3pm to 5pm USA time and about 6am if you are in Australia

I'm not supposed to have a theme but I thought I'd sneak one in. But I'll compromise and make peoples choice.

Here's your choices:

1. As preparation for my up coming workshop (naughty I know but I'm getting a plug in)
we can discuss what the difference between sensual writing and porn, and maybe write a poem as a group.

Open Chat This Sunday

Come and have chat sunday 30th at 2pm New York time 7pm GMT.

Maybe we could write a group poem for Halloween for example, or we play a poetry themed game or just chat, I'm up for suggestions when it comes to subject matter as it's an open chat.

Come and have fun.


Oh go on - open chat room session

Neopet members are not short of a word or two to say, so why say a few this sunday 2nd october 3pm New York time , 8pm GMT(UK time). I am hosting an open chat, anything goes except Porn and class A drugs LOL!!!!


Dissatisfied Neopoet?

During our AEC Chat Session that was held recently, one of the discussions that occured was about how best to get members to comment on more peoples work. One of the ideas that was suggested was to set the Neopoet website to only allow people to post a poem once they have written 2 or 3 critiques (number of words to be discussed , as we want people to say more than 'Great Poem'). This would make sure that people have their work looked, at and also prevent over posting.

Interesting? Newsletter

If you have any ideas for the Newsletter that you think would be of interest please
Leave them here


Open Chat - Fair Warning -

Dear Neopoet,

I am holding Themoonman (Richard) captive, and if you don't attend my Open chat on September 18, 2011 at 3.00pm t New York time , 8pm GMT, I will make him write poetry for Greeting Cards, while watching the latest Smurf movie. LMAO!!!!

There is no theme, we can chat about anything you like, within reason.



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