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From the archives of Hardcorechick28....

I went into the archives from back in the day and pulled out some of my earlier works from 2009-2010. Didn't realize I had been gone almost three years....I will be reworking some of these and posting as the days come....

The Ghost and the Huntress

Twas no accident
How they came to be
Two forgotten souls
Longing to be free

One from the present
Bounded by the chain of life
The other lost in his past
Binded by death’s eternal strife

By cosmos, they connected
Through the stony castle wall
Answering each other’s
Mournful call

Reaching through the bars
He touched her skin
Listening to all her fears
Absorbing every tear

Twas a love affair
Between the veils
Music only the two could hear
Playing on in a methodical waltz
As they danced an invisible dance

Gentle kisses
In the form of evening’s breeze
Graced her cheek
As he held her
Mesmorized within his deepend gaze

Never had he felt so alive
As the moment she crossed
Into his afterlife
Never had she felt so at peace
Laying in his transparent arms

Night turned to day
Weeks to months
Seasons came and went
And so did they

When she called
And received no answer
A day that would inevitably come
She knew her ghost
Her distant lover
Had found the strength to move on

And as she passes the castle
Where it all began
A rainbow shines constant
Reminding her, he is never far
If ever needed again

Raven's Rhapsody

Said Raven to the Wolf
As he passed under
The old Acacia tree
Did you think
You could escape me?

Wolf looked up
Through blood stained eyes
Gnashed his teeth and growled
Foolish bird
Tell me what it is
You think you know

Raven grinned
And continued his rant
I am the mirrored reflection
Of your tortured soul
I am what you wish you were
But can’t

Wolf responded
In a hellish voice
If I could only get up this tree
I would teach you
There is no one just like me

Raven laughed rudely
And then pressed on
I am the violence
That drives every battle
You fight
I am the she-wolf
Who does you in the night

I am every sin
You committed
Everything you ever hated
I AM the messenger
To bid you warning
Your time is coming

Wolf howled
Every hair up on his neck
Demon bird
From hell’s firey gate
It will be a cold day
When you decide my fate

Raven ignored him
And chattered still
I am the knowledge
I am the strength
I am your greatest song
But not your masterpiece

Wolf seethed
As he spoke
Spare me your wisdom
Spare me your taunts
It is life that made me
It is life that shaped me
Not some loud mouth
Feathered haunt

Raven nodded
You make a point
So for now I’ll take my leave
But not forever, you see
My departure is only temporary

I am death, black as my wings
I am the inevitable end
However it may come
I will be back
When your time is up
I will come for you
Once and for all
Little, lost pup

And with that
He flew away
Leaving Wolf to wonder
He beat it this time, however

Death has no time line
It has no favorites
It just sits and waits
Catches you off guard
When will it be your turn
To face your eternal doom
Hell only knows

Suicide Chick

Scarlet Droplets
Against white linen
Pain draining from severed veins
Life escaping
Barely breathing

Heartache and regret
Overflow the sheets
Years of torment
Years of torture
Spilling out onto the bed
As death sings its melancholy song

Color drains
From her face
Peace at last
Drawing in one last breath
Preparing to meet the end
Exhaling with a final sigh

No more anger
No more suffering
An unrepairable soul set free

Now she roams
Worlds unknown
Suicide Chick
Rest In Peace

Leather and Lace (Sexually Explicit Lyrics)

Winter’s bitter night
Pressing against castle’s stone walls
Icy wind seeping through the cracks
Chilling delicate skin

Slowly he edges toward her
Throwing shirt to floor
Her hungry eyes call to him
Asking him to take her once more

Through a blood stained smile
He ravishes her neck
Untieing each string
On her leather corset

Pushing against his body
Thrusting her hips against him
She unbuckles his belt, pants fall to the floor
With a wave of her magical hand
She locks the wooden door

Staring into each other’s eyes
Flames dancing in the white
Hissing, clawing and tearing
He strips her to nothing
Milk white skin in the darkness

Throwing her against the wall
Lips caressing her breasts
Her hands slipping between his thighs
Blood dripping
Hearts pulsating
He slides between her weakend legs

Wrapping herself around him
Taking him all in
Softly she cries
As he wraps her in a lace curtain
Sweeping her off her feet

Over castle’s ledge
Into the frigid night
He takes her with him
Never to be without the other again
Never was there such an unholy union
Living in perfect sin

Earth Bound

Grey clouds
Smeared with sorrow
Wayward soul
Who has expired

Nothing to look forward to
No tomorrow

Endless wandering
Restless heart
Searching for the road
Leading to a brand new start

Held by life
Unable to forget

Hidden messages
In the wind
For all who mourn
Dead doesn’t always mean
You’re gone

From The Eyes of A Ghost

The inevitable end
Comes to us all

When Grim
Reaches out his hand
And takes us
To the Summerland

Through cement homes
We are given
Freedom to roam
Seeing the world
Through transparent eyes

We are the whispers
You hear
Turn around
No one is there
The silent partners
That push you
Through the day

We are the bump
In the night
That sometimes
Give you a fright

Rarely ones to scare
Just a subtle reminder
Your loved ones
Are still there

Lonley In Love

Together in a room
Sitting on the couch
So close
Yet miles apart

She stares at him quietly
Full of uncertainty
What was he thinking?
Does he even care?

Gazing out the window
The memories danced
As her mind faded
Into a dismal trance

Where there was love
Was now wasted space
Matched the expression
On his passionless face

Looking at her reflection
In the rippled glass

Wondering if it was
Ever really there?
Or did she trick herself
Into believing the myth
That unconditional love
Did exist

A man whom she saw potential
But couldn’t give from himself
Didn’t seem fair
To hold him to his promise

So as he stared
At the television screen
She said goodbye to all
Her hopes and dreams

Left quietly
Without a trace
She was sure
It wouldn’t take him long
To fill her place

The replaceable
Easily forgotten about


She who stalks the night
Embraces the darkness
Emerging from her wooden bed

Black leather on lace
Upon milk white skin
Stiletto boots hit the floor

Flaming hair
Eyes, a frosty blue
The public stops and stares
But they don’t have a clue

She is DeMona
Mistress of Seduction
Dominatrix Divine
Making men out of boys
Making grown men cry

Born into magick royalty
The one sent by Goddess
To set them free

From conception forward
His destiny defined
But in a dream
To his mother
The oracle, Riobhlinn, prophesised
Written in blood
Was Ravenel’s early demise

With dark sources
Landing on the shore
The Queen made
A painful choice
To let her baby boy go

Placing a bronze amulet
Around his neck
So as he would never forget
Down the crystal pool of reflection
He went
Through a portal in time
To world unknown
An entire kingdom left to mourn

She sat every day
By the crystal pool
Pining for her son
Her only one

Years went by
And the baby
Became a man
All though he had what he needed
There was still something lacking
His soul, not completely whole

There was a yearning
A lesson to be learned
A part of him he did not know
He followed the feeling
To a faint golden light
And disappeared from the other world
That fateful night

Back through the portal in time
The same in which he came
To the shores of Awenyiddion
Where his mother lay

He reached down
Touching her porcelain skin
Wiping silver strands of ageless beauty
From her face

Slowly she awoke
First taken by fear
Who was this stranger
Why was he so near
Then it hit her
A mother never forgets her son
The twinkle in his eye
Same as when he was born
Her Little Lord Ravenel
Had finally come home

Spellderella's Song

In a ramshackel hut
High upon the highest hill
The Sorceress, Spellderella
Stirred a haunted brew

Singing as she conjured
Her past reborn
Visions of the peasant girl
Who was destined
For so much more
Swirled inside her ghostly stew

Once married
To an impossible man
Mother to a son
Who was just as bad
So she left them behind
To chase the wind

Now she enchants the gentlemen
With her song
Voice like honey
Dripping all morning long
Golden curls
Against fair skin
Eyes easy to get lost in

With the wave of her hand
She takes her next victim in
Making love to them
In her den

Sweet perfume
Intoxicates the room
Tasting the salt
From their sweat-soaked skin
Breathing hard
She pleasures them again
Stringing them along
Like marionettes to her song
The visions fade like the moon

As night gives way to light
She is left alone to ponder
Til her next performance
Her cast of characters set
Spellderella sings on


Wrapped in the curtains of night
On swift, quiet feet
She reaches her destination

A cat like creature
Scaling building walls
Black spandex suit
With nine inch heels
Breaks through window’s seal

Fire-haired goddess by day
Grim’s messenger at night
Flashbacks fill her mind
Memories that made her this kind

Mother’s disappointment
Daddy’s little girl
Gone astray
How she has lived for this day

Pulling the mask
Over her angel face
Silencer in place
Bitterly, she reaches for her piece

She has one chance
One shot
This has to count
As a silver bullet
Enters his brain

Man hater by circumstance
Unremorseful bitch by choice
He thought he had the final word
But she had the final say

After watching him fall
Pieces of his skull
Fresh on the wall
She slips back down the hall
Never a footprint
Nor trace
Could be found in her place
As the sirens start to blare


Each of these pieces are brilliant and great in their own right.
I would say that with Wesley helping, you could write an epic or two.
Though I think short stories would be good for those difficult ones that you have a few problems with.
Your ability to string stories together in poetry it is not a very big step to expand them a little..
I would try and find a place to put them, I wish that Neopoet would have a section for short stories they are fun and stretch the mind a little.
You take care and sort these out one by one and put them on stream.
Keep on writing,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I just posted one and I also placed it in Wesley's Storytelling workshop for critique. It is in the stream if you want to read the revisions I made. I intend on making the rest story pieces as well, I am glad you found the same potential in them. Please let me know what you think...the one I just posted was originally meant to be a novel but I found it easier to put it to poetry...

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

author comment

It is arrogant... but I don't play with wannabe's.
This is why I pestered you until you asked me to help.
There is a seething monster inside of you and when it lands on the "page" it is chaos, but powerful.
These poems (which I just now discovered) are my vindication.
You are incredible and I am excited to be part of your expansion.

My advice? Leave these alone. They are what they are. Play with them if you will, but I believe you need to go on. Make Poet number Two write the tetrastich and let's talk about it. If we can create order in you and release the chaos through order you will make art.
Potent, powerful art.
I am waiting anxiously for you to start. I need only point you in the right direction and you have the intensity to roar.

W. H. Snow

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds. Percy Bysshe Shelley

Learn how, teach others.
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You liked these. They were from a different time in my life. I then took three years off from writing. I often grow frustrated because I feel the messages are missed. You seem to understand. I will begin my first project this week. I have a paper due for school tonight. I am glad you are a part of my expansion as well.

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

author comment
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