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THE WAY OF THE LOST PILGRIM - A journey marked by madness

"All problems of existence are essentially problems of harmony. They arise from the perception of unsolved discord and the instinct of an undiscovered agreement or unity".

Sri Aurobindo

Nothing should be out of sync - everything should be part and parcel of a well nit synchronicity, operating from a deep inner dynamic.

This comes from active and energetic engagement of the consciousness - a permanent interplay between the two.

Every emotion or reaction - no matter how subtle - which flits across the ocean of consciousness should be detected on the mind's radar, dissected, trisected, analysed and assimilated into the mind stream

This way, we can ensure that only that which is assimiliative is ingested and that which is not is rejected like mental detritus - just like the earth rejects material which is not biodegradable.

The emotions which make the mind spin at high velocity speeds should be exorcised from within so that, circumstances amenable to deep tranquil perception, understanding and imperturbability is arrived at.

In such a state, the mind will fall into harmony with the universal pulse beat at the hub of creation which further means, the consciousness will settle down into its natural, nurturing environment. It will have travelled through raging torrents of emotional, sensual and physical instability bordering on melancholic madness.

The journey of life is a journey of discovery and mental evolution; a journey back into the pristine states of consciousness from which we rapidly deviated, in search of happiness that offered itself in the garb of carnal sensuality and an unquenchable thirst for money, power and material possession.

Speed, madness, blindness are the hallmarks of this frenetic journey, like the water of a mighty waterfall tumbling out of the sky only to splash down on a plateau where, with our backs against the wall, we are forced to acknowledge that we have been going around in circles - we become terrified, confused, enmeshed in thick undergrowth of illusion. Our only alternative is to retrace our steps back to the beginning.

Just like, when you start out from a point, go half way and discover you have lost your way and have to retrace your steps to the point of your beginning to find your bearings.

Yes, we are lost and we have to retrace our steps. We have to relearn; we have to decondition ourselves; we need deep penetrative vision which can only come from inner harmony.

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