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A moment will come - a moment so rarified, so delicate - it will transcend the realm of human expression.

The incessant chatter, the noise, the illusion, the arrogance, the greed, the miasma, the fog will twist their way into the yawning jaws of a primeval silence and evanesce.

The momentum that begins at some point will speed up in a vacuous state of mind and will develop into a whirlwind, causing a disconnect with real reality.

For far too long and inexorably, have the folly of our ways been staring back at us from a treacherous mirror. When it becomes intolerable, a mellowing down will set in, ushering a saner and more humane vision.

However, we must not beat ourselves about what we could or should have done. Every rung in the ladder will have had to be climbed; every emotion imbibed; we every burning, suffering endured.

Because of inner conflict and not in spite of it, the smoke screen will be rent apart and space will be created for a rebirth, a rediscovery of an innate consciousness - a clean slate handed to us at birth.

Out of the smoldering fumes, the corruption, we will climb out to be born again in a new dimension of human consciousness and space.

The most punishing impoverishment will be inflicted on those who do not listen; those who do not see; those who do not listen and see; those who do not delve deep into the pockets of innate silence

We die and are reborn many times in our life time as part of a cleansing for the ultimate epiphany, the faceoff between what is and what should be.

In life, we travel from darkness to light, from blindness to sight from incarceration to blissful liberation, from the travails of turbulence to ultimate peace.

We are what we are to the extent of what everybody is until we experience a bend in the consciousness.

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