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You were the top of the mountain once

When the uninterested carrier pigeon rode bicycles without training wheels
and political myopia bit into mountains of coal dust.....


You were on top of the mountain once
and the view was magnificent,

we were emperors of sunrise then.


It's too late for the canary to sing
and it's getting too late for a child's first breath,
weeds growing on rocks is not a primeval forest,
not by a long shot on a telescopic lens,
bleeding Mother by her veins,
winding down foul waters into the village;
T.S. did not live to see this wasteland
his straw men did not carry matches to light their way,
burning their way back.

Where is the love song that gave you life?

How had you forgotten the air up there? There's a hole in the ozone,
and not enough dream catchers and dream weavers
to begin its patching;
the fabric of the universe can never be fabricated, not even in our wildest


There's a hole in the heart of greedy men and
mercy is an avenging angel, seeing beyond time and grieving into immortality.

You were the top of the mountain once. We are as gods of our own
making, distant dreamers drumming an apocalyptic vision and we're all
wearing homemade signs that point to the long way back.


Who will save us from ourselves?

From Netflix:

The Last Mountain
2011PG95 minutes

This gripping documentary follows ordinary citizens in West Virginia's Coal River Valley as they wage a campaign to prevent the infamous Massey Energy Company from expanding ruinous mountaintop removal mining operations in their community.

How corporations can think that peeling away the safety measures imposed by the EPA will benefit anyone other than deep corporate pockets is beyond me. Every human being needs uncontaminated fresh air, water, good natural food, and enough (not too much and not too little) sunlight and to grow green & survive.

Let us make sure corporate personhood status is removed, if for no other reason than this: there is no corporate entity that needs untainted resources to survive, corporations do not pursue happiness and raise a village to raise a child.

Fortunately, there are many good corporations of which I am well aware....those which have employees as one of their bottom lines and those that reclaim land and sovereignty in the name of all the people, for the people..... the last thing I want to do is throw them into one-size-fits-all category--the incorporation of one uncaring entity.

~Anna Ruiz


I'm posting this poem & commentary on the blog format, lest I be called on the carpet for violating the one poem per 24/hr rule. I'm some 4 hours away from compliance.

As I have mentioned on another thread, I'll be taking a long enough sabbatical from Neopoet.

No one is indispensable and I'm just plain tired of being called on the carpet for violating the rules. I've given my all, my best to Neo in the hopes that our poetic and political vision grows exponentially. That
can only happen by what we pay attention to.

And, of course, what we pay attention to grows exponentially in the world we all co-create. Or not.

~Anna Ruiz

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