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Why a lack of empathy is the root of all evil


Just read this article unfortunetly s so horrific these crimes against human beings. This is existence of some minded beings that look at humas as just objects. Sad but true. All over this world. This statement by Baron-Cohen, taken from the text in your link here Anna sums it up just perfectly in words.

"Empathy is our ability to identify what someone else is thinking or feeling, and to respond to their thoughts and feelings with an appropriate emotion," writes Baron-Cohen. People who lack empathy see others as mere objects.

The disconnect of empathy that exists throughtout our world today is sad indeed. I am blessed to empathize with others and thankful for that when there is understanding of such.

Signing off now ..sighs

an intelligent and thoughtful article, that should prompt us all to some self examination.

An aspect I've noticed, not mentioned in the article, is people who present as having a high degree of empathy but are in fact self-involved. They use their wailings and moanings on behalf of others to draw attention to themselves. Particularly icky.

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