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Depersonalizing *Personal* Attacks ~ Part 3

So by now, *We* should have a better idea of what constitutes personalization, attacks, and know enough to have rudimentary glimpses into the nature of who we are and depersonalized ourselves from the inherent nature that seeks to define things in categories of *either* *or*. If *this is true*, than *that could not possibly be true*.

Yes? No? Maybe?

The universe of one's mental, physical and spiritual conditioning is perfect: always and ever conforming
to our *thoughts* about it. Did you ever wonder where our thoughts come from?????? Could they possibly come from our *conditioning*? Do you ever wonder where creativity comes from? Could they possibly come from our *de-conditioning*.....something new and never-before-seen or heard? Or is our
creativity a cheap imitation?

Instead of real, teeming with life and power, joy and the energy that is life itself?

Would you like to tap into THAT, rather than parrot what is known by someone else?

This is depersonalization into the act that is the creative genius of each and every individual.


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