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Create new forum for educational pieces about craft of poetry

[Posted by Andrew on behalf of Weirdelf]
Create a new Forum for informational/educational pieces about the art and craft of poetry and feedback. At the moment Scribbler, Yenti and myself have been posting pieces as blogs. As Forums they would not be lost in the backlist.

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Generally useful posting could be here and only stringently regulated for a maximum of concision for the resources drop down

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

author comment

There is a great need for the correct Forms to be put on a notice board.
I try to keep up with the varying Forms of poetry and it is a learning curve for me.
I read almost every word on site and when I come across a form that is new or an instruction on Form that seems to simplify the same , I incorporate it in the now four Blogs I have running.
It would be a good thing to have a place for these, I do keep them as up to date as possible and have tidied them up a bit but still need suggestions on them as you did once before by saying they needed better Paragraphs.
As you are aware my knowledge of poetry and its forms is limited, but if I can put together these four lists of A-Z, they should be held some place where they can be as an instruction place for beginners.
I wish that some of the poets would take a look and make their suggestions on these four Blogs, then when a place is found for them, they will be of the highest level.
Thank you both look forward to what happens, Yours Ian.T

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