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Poems of Spring

To start a collection of poems at this moment in the category of Spring for future reference and maybe use in a Neo book.
Just add your best Spring Poem to this Blog as a comment or even PM them to me and they can be added to the main list.
Lilly of the Valley

“A new season”

The valley grew silent, amidst darkened soil
Just under the surface was complete turmoil
Pushing aside the soil of cold times gone by
A blade shaped leaf just for you and I

The green blade darkened in piercing the day
It feared to spoil the remains of coal dust decay
Then to show the world how wrong they had been
It sent a perfect stem through the blades of green

A stem so strong with buds more than three
It reminded me of you, with bells white in purity
There for us to see then for only us to show
That this flower so pure could with us grow

The bells rang the truth for all of us to know.
“I grew" said the flower "Because I loved you so
In beauty I was for all time they could see
Lily of the Valley is what you called me”

This is just an example, not the real thing we can sort that out as the new poems arrive,
Thanks for your interest, Yours Ian.T
Here is one from our Mand:-
"Springs Revival "

Submitted by Mand on Mon, 2015-01-05 16:15

All of earth awakens
Spring begins to yawn,
Plumes of breath exhaled
In the light of dawn.

Underneath the oak tree
In ferns of wetted green
Young deer forage
After winter’s lean.

Newly budded antlers
Bucks sniff the air
Baby fawn staggers
Doe’s stand and stare

Bushy tails and whiskers
In pelts of brown and grey
Sleepy liquid eyes
Pierce the light of day.

Icy grip is over
Winter hasn’t won
Nature is revived
By the fingers of the sun.


This is such a delightful poem! There is a message of hope, love and overcoming dark times within - I think you should use it! :)

Looking forward to seeing other poems too.

Love Mand xxxx

Your latest poem on stream according to Jess is a good candidate for the Spring write, Can I add it???
Yours Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment

And thanks for asking :). It still needs tweaking though! See Stan's comment.

Thank you, and as you edit it, just let me know and I will edit the one in the Blog.
This way we can have a look at them all at sometime before March 25th and find the top three or more, after that we can write about Summer.
I shall have to sort out a separate one for the Southern hemisphere as their seasons are opposite to ours, Maybe we can collect from both twice a year when all are equal March and September I shall see what we get for the Blog.
Take care out there,Yours Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment

its bitter winters on
and you are jollying about spring
wait a moment let the school bell ring
create springy poetry
composed by all neopoets each
and publish a book
as i had said much earlier than thee
then sell it to all compulsorily
and spring will come
that much early

so this is my springy contribution
free verse
springs come and need not to rehearse

spring comes first
followed by summer
well till then treat this
as springing humor
laugh even if you have
stomach tumour


Summery poetry

this summery poetry
is so sublime

it will be etched
on the monumental
sands of time

when even in deserts
bells will chime

as winds blow
the summery way

and all know thy name

as the sound of music
twill be summer time
summery poetry is sublime!

Its winter still
spring shall be in time
summer can't be left
far behind

Seems I wrote a few about spring. Let me look through them and I'll see if anything is worth posting on this thread......stan

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