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I feel that it is about time that there was an indication of the number of people that visit a poem on site.
I just take my works off after a few days if there are no comments on a piece.
I don't really care if some people can't write comments and continually want their work to have comments I just would like to know that anything I write at least has been seen..
I am now going to stop commenting leaving critique on all those that don't bother.
Then after a while when their pieces are left in the Undiscovered works for a long time they will realise they have been part of an active workshop for poetry,
Yours Ian.T


Now I see why u read
lovedly less
than u did LOVED

IT'S OKAY the world is a changing..... not daily but hourly
and digitally will by seconds too


I still read your works and await the next great piece from your pen, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment

shall not be long
I am on the verge of creating
a masterpiece

just wait for me

Appreciate your disappointment for lack of comments on poems submitted by Members by other Members...wish to inform you that since past one month I am in Canada spending time with my recently married son and daughter-in-law Julie ..they got married here on June 13th,,,and have not been commenting as much as I normally do....however will try to read and comment more,....


raj (sublime_ocean)

Thank you for your reply and have a great holiday, give my best to the newly married couple,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment

Thank you Ian for your best wishes,


raj (sublime_ocean)

I have continued my efforts to encourage actual critique for the last 8 years and will continue to do so.

Don't you think lots of views but no comments would be worse than just no comments?

On the other hand it is the responsibility of every member to visit the "Undiscovered works" page
on a regular basis. Poets have a tendency to egocentricity and if we don't overcome this tendency and participate we find ourselves isolated, alone and above all, not learning or growing.

If your work appears on the "Undiscovered works" page often and stays long it can mean a number of things, all of which we can learn by.
Are you posting too much, not allowing people time to deeply consider your work?
Is your poetry boring?
Does it fail to catch concepts of significance?
Are you repeating themes?
How are your titles?
Is it obscure to the point of meaninglessness?

Over-posting is, I suspect, the main culprit. A good poem takes me a bare minimum of three days to respond to adequately- read, digest, re-read, analyse, consider improvements. Critique.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

One of Neo's best poets goes without comment more often and for longer periods of time than most. I have always found this difficult to comprehend. Does he submit too many works? too often? Perhaps. That is not for me to judge. Does he not critique enough? I also cannot answer that (although he does critique/comment on my work from time to time). Maybe I am just stupid and he is not that good. Maybe I just don't have a point here and I am just whining.

I too complain about lack of comments (and not just the lack of, most of my comments come from the same poets over and over despite my efforts to visit all newbies I can find and a host of others) I have found this to be the case in several workshops as well (present one excluded).

I too need to put up or shut up. Unfortunately, I do not have the time. However, when I do have the time and if Neo still wants me, I would be honored to pick up the torch and burn myself (and others) with it.



as Ian has so often stated, if someone takes the time to give you a critique, even if you you loathe it and completely disagree, it is bloody rude not to acknowledge it it. Disagree, argue, thanks them, but at very least "Thanks for reading".

I have often, in my arrogance, failed to respond to critiques if I felt they had nothing worth saying but that was wrong of me. The only exception I will make from now on is that if several people make virtually identical remarks I might thank them en masse, rather than individually.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Have been a proponent for displaying the number of "hits" a poem gets for a long time. We had this on the old site. Perhaps there is a cost in either technical or money involved in reinstating this feature which I'm not aware of. I'll poll the other Ac members and if agreement is reached we'll approach the owners and see if it's feasible to institute a list of number of hits at this time...............stan

my regrets
please note Neopoets
will remain in the hands
of too few

what ever you may say
each and every
even a donkey
a dog
deserves a pat
looks up towards the AEC or what!

Take care
let my words not fall
on a dead brick wall
on a deaf ear
Still I can hear!

That would be your failing, Loved. When have you ever joined a committee or the AC that could make the changes you want?
Yes, Neopoet remains in the hands of too few, where it's original goal was a site governed and directed by members. Where are the members prepared to step up and put in the time and commitment?
You are certainly not one of them, you only whine about not getting enough feedback even when the feedback you give is usually pseudo-poetic gibberish.
Put up or shut up.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

If you give considered, thoughtful, even if highly critical feedback you will inevitably find you get more as well. It might take a little time but as you make a practice of it it will eventually and inevitably be reciprocated.

It has to be thoughtful though. It doesn't matter if you don't know much about the technicalities of poetry, if your feedback demonstrates that you have read and thought about the poem it will be appreciated.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

I recently received a comment in which the reader said he reads most of my stuff but usually doesn't leave a comment because he sees little room for improvement. After getting myself back up off the floor I thought about what he said. Since nobody has reason to fear being honest with me I decided he was telling me the real reason. So. Here we All find ourselves. Do we not comment because we're hesitant to do so sans leaving a formal critique? Or perhaps we enjoy a poem but don't really know why and thus fail to comment for fear of condemnation ? Now this IS mainly a workshop based site. But not every thing we do, say and comment on has to be done as if we are always IN a workshop. And it's pretty tough to write something and see absolutely no response or very little. So if you read something and have a minute to just say hello, please do so. Then if you read something else later on and have time and think the write warrants it, give a bit more critical feedback be it positive or negative...............stan

you are a very positive man
hope for ever on AEC you stand
I for one
4 E V E R
hold your hand
I think I do give a worthwhile comment
when some ones words go across the fence
have a wordy romance
simply don't around yourself dance

by now each one here
knows each one
so why fear hold a tear
use a hanky/tissue
when needed
why only curse me???

Mine and Stan's. Someone famous once said that the mark of genius is the capacity to reconcile paradoxes, or words to that effect. On reading them both I realised both are true (though I'm not claiming genius for recognising it).

Everyone needs recognition otherwise they wouldn't post. Most of us want to improve our craft or they wouldn't post at Neopoet especially.

Perfectly ready to change my thinking in the face of changing circumstances and new evidence I now think it would be nice, if it's not too much trouble, to have an indicator of how many times our poems are read. However that is a burden on Andrew and I have no idea how difficult it might be. I do know that it would take each of us a minimum of effort to acknowledge having read the poem and thank the poet for sharing it. No room for false modesty here, it takes courage to share one's poetic thoughts.

This solves two problems without any programming efforts on Andrew's part. A simple acknowledgement at least and a deeper critique where time and inspiration allow.

Let's all put in that bit of extra effort, with a focus on the "Undiscovered work" list

I would also like to renew my suggestion that the minimum number of comments to be removed from the list be raised to 3.

Lets all put in those few extra words or acknowledgement each that would add up to miles especially for our newer members.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

as I don't desire to see
a tear in the eye of those
who remain unread
for over a month

I wanted to reduce it to a week

but then who will feed me
I have a family to stand bye

still i read two today

do please nominate
and ask each poet/member

to read the undiscovered at least one over a week ones

before one posts another yet!

I read three today
how many did you or anyone else read
over one months dilly dally
go now and help plough
ur seed

The Ac has discussed and by vote of 3-0 agreed to pass the request on to the tech guys to determine if adding the "hit" count is feasible at this time. I'll let ya'll know the answer as soon as I know it. Thanks for the patience...........stan

As I've said before, I don't really think it counts for much but raising the number of comments to 3 to remove pieces from the "Undiscovered" list allows for one polite "I read this", one authors reply and one more in depth critique. An altogether more satisfactory arrangement.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

I second this comment


Let's not overload the tech guys. We can send a request for changing how many comments it takes (I think 2 might be better than 3 just to keep list from getting too long) after the hit display thing is resolved.........stan

Thank you very much for your attention to this Blog.
There are a few things that have come out of it, the main one being is that all of us should pay attention to what Neopoet is here for and that is to learn poetry.
In learning we have to comment or critique as many poems as possible, better to critique though.
I have learned a great deal from our poets here and they are so varied in their observations of the work here.
I will in future make sure my critique is correct or as correct I can be with the experience I have gained here, these comments will be more severe than the one I have been leaving in the past, yet after the initial critique I will still give myself the pleasure of light hearted writing to the author of the pieces.
Take care out there the world has turned again,
Yours with thanks to all, Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment

reaching somewhere
near the delta of the river
ere into the sea

hawkers and gawkers at the crash....
while the seasurf rolls just beyond the road
fragments of shells wandering in the watery

i come here...i write..therefore i am a poet..
today there are eight in the undiscovered bin
and seven are mine..

i write purposefully abstract of late..
i do enjoy the old "orgami" styling..
which i was like a Readers Digest
kind of thing..quaint and somewhat daring..
now its way the hell out there..

Bukowski foremost was polite..
but he could write and did live like he
didnt give a fuck...

Auden loved his boys..
his cottage away
so did Hunter
in vegas and la

a lot of the greats are crumpled
not their works..

i do not profess to be anything
other then a mere poet..
i know people who made books
sold little
and are still at their jobs..
i dont know anyone who came
from no where and today are main
line figures..

those i met when they were quiet
living like everyone else far from
new york
thank you Kathleen Brindsley!

what are people aiming for anyway..
when you are looking for critique
do you want to write kick ass page stopping
wow stuff..or do you want to write better
rhymne or that kind of thing.
i cant even spell...

just am going through the mid life crises
the usual amount of people come and gone
and i take each morning personally with
my coffee and cigarette and a handful of
painkillers and medications...

i sometimes have a hard time sitting still
and time on this thing is limited..
i get around to some comments..
and i do see comments on my work

not like it was in 2007/08/09..

some days i wish i could pack up delte all
my accounts....but thats not realistic and
people would miss me and my work
and its not about me...

i like that all levels of work poetry is here..

Jess is right in this...Read poetry...
i ploughed through Milton...John..
sixteen hundreds...aye!!!
he was a kick ass at the time..all political
mumbo jumbo.....
almost impossible to read from todays

and until formal schooling for all was introduced
it was lucky if you were poor and could read..
was not expected that the very poor read..
reading was a given social political gift to the
masses to make them enlightened and useful

now with outsourcing if you are smart and got
papers it really helps!

reading just gets me into a different set of rules
in the way a poem is put takes
me days to get into the flow of some authors
books....i dont know what the hell they are saying
talking about..some movies are like this..

its not a technical manual poetry....although
it might work better if it was..

reading helps flex my mind..
i knew what i was getting into when i wanted to
be a poet....oh those crazy assed people..
and i read the sad..heart wrenching books of
people who were from a better class then i
who went into the poetry business and ended
up alchoholic dead or thats sad..
people with their face on books and signing
autographs...fame fortune....

what the hell happened..
they had the world by the ass...

so i avoid that ....i just want to be insignificant
no one bugs me at all at the coffee shop

i work for my bosses and my old lady
and when i get free time i poke around
here and see what the other smart
creatively intelligent people are doing..

i would like to be here more
and will try to be..
i think poets are all nuts..
loveable ones though!!!

hell who else is doing this.
we are..

yes we are the ones..
putting words together



keep up the good work..

It would suck if you were to leave the site. Obviously I would want to follow as there is still much to learn and a lot of great poetry to read.

I would also understand if you told us all to f off and disappeared into the poetry wilderness (or even just me personally for stalking).

As far as the depth of critique, I typically won't comment if the poet hasn't checked "I want the raw truth". When you put your work up to the masses (large or small) one must be prepared to have their work taken apart. Any emotions from thirds should just lead to more poetry cause isn't that what we poets do, write about emotions?


Marvellously put across...MOSTLY we all are followers

I used to vomit pages of poetry.... till they curbed me... as mine was trash... I went elsewhere... now I must thank the ones here... as I am being read ... so much paper will be needed... to cover me when dead ....and all will be printed poetry... as some had said ...’’’’ friend do write on you can please none but history will tell when you are actually dead ...’’’’
‘’this was the poet alive since long .....’’’
so was Shakespeare ...he did not fear ....and I am a secluded bard....who is surpassed... but do I damn care... when guys like you... better than most are surpassed ...I am nothing but well ---------add adjectives replete.... with no one here do I compete ...dear Esker

crude..but shithouse poetry....the ol crapper...we have graffiti scratched..markered..drawn..etched...on everything up here..
responses...thats what it is..pure response..
needle box in the nice bus station downtown..small..but apt..
a little yellow box tied to wall now with flex flat pipe strapping..
some judgemental fools wrote in big bad ass magic marker..
like who carries that around but people that want to leave their
mark..Marker..Mark! anyway they wrote..'THE JUNKIE BOX"
in this lyrical flowing rolling style in block along the box and they
didnt plan so they had to curve the letters down the edge..
then someone else came and wrote "WHO KNOW WHATS CLEAN"

critically its not poetry..but it is poetic..if it was fear and hatred they
would have just torn the box off the wall and threw it around in there..
but everyone has respect for the amount of hep c and d and a and b
aids etc....its easier to write slang swear words..carve that kind of thing..
in jail in pc..get that straight..i read under the bed because
i was respectful....old timer on the top bunk..its his jail not mine..all the
poetry and graffitti there on the wall...

flyers i like...and the little papers blown about in town....stories by kids
for school about zombies and then the adults pleading papers to lovers..dealers..judges..
how do people lose this stuff..thats true writing..poetry.. lists that stuff...

the old beat poetry was beautiful..
and sweet non offending nature poems

but i like the emotive and raw stuff..


x rated and vulgar crass..

i dont write that here..
paper only poems those

they actually have more value
to the collectors..
but thats sensitive

and thats more like a writer.
then a poet..there is a diff..

anyway blah blah and blah.

keep up the good work!

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