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about "sundowning"

“Sundowning” is a medical term to describe increased agitation and confusion towards early evening/late afternoon for those who suffer dementia or Alzheimers. It is now frequently used to describe worsening of symptoms as the day moves towards night, especially, for those suffering from a brain “disorder” such as PARKINSONS or MS.
In 2002 my mother died from results of Pakinsonian dementia. I know how insidious the disease is, and learned the terrn: “sundowning” then. I took care of my mom at home, and I was with her when she died, No Italian son can do less. She needed to be home where she belonged.Where we all need to be when it is our "turn."
In 2004 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Parkinonism. I haven’t reached the stage of dementia yet, and hope I never will. But the physical deterioration symptoms have increased to a level that is “threatening”. I live alone and I HAVE THE WILL to take care of myself as long as I can.
I won’t make it through the year. My body speaks to me and my brain is no fool.
Much of my “poetry” is a reflection of the disease on my body, my mind and my soul—whatever THAT is.

Christ have mercy,


I speak my passion in open words
my soul knows no other way
that is my fashion
my DNA
my gypsy
my Latin fire
seething in Nordic cold
the spirit that defines
I am of the species human
survivor of my humanity
different and the same
as all those of my kind
I am a warrior
pushing through time
a hero like all others
for having come this far
in a war
we are bound to lose


I have known of your illness for a very long time now it feels like I have always known you, your a credit to the human race I have watched your struggle and read your poetry and cried for you and with you on many occasions, I am your friend and will always be

I have never heard of sundowning my mother would have known of it as she was a nurse but until I just read the above I was clueless thanks for the lesson I didnt realise when I was reading your poem and I actually wondered at the title

love your Jayne xxx

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

that DNA overcomes
we all can see

but the grit you display
is worth emulation…
a bold and lonely man
braving all by himself
yet poetry is a release

you can still find a friend in me
who will continue to read your poetry
ere the sun finally downs …

perhaps, may be my sun will set
before tis time
but a boldness
a silver lining about a sun-downing
is in itself a forerunner from you

may your poetic ability


You both giive me too much credit, but your words are my medicine Love to you both.

author comment

we r with uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


There has been no date set for your end nor anybody else's. When ones's time comes it comes. I could easily pass due to some undiagnosed malady tomorrow so just make the most of each day as they come. And as time goes on know that you have many friends including an old fat wanna be poet here..............stan

Thank you Beau and Stan. "Things" have been happening and my body does speak to me and I know the "dance". Hope I am wrong.

author comment

Death is certain
but it has a good friend


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