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This Saturday night...

at 8pm. EST. Killer returns! Chat on the Darkside resumes and Killer has a surprize in store. A new chef is in town and she will amaze you with her recipes. Recently returned from the Far East, Thekiller has been acquiring new spices and recipes for your table. A stop over at the airport introduced him to our mystery chef, and she has put some great recipes on the table.
So stop by the Chat on the Darkside this Sat. nite and have a great time. [Not for the squeamish, it may contain explicit material.] Take a chance, bring your favorite beverage and we will try to give you a great recipe to go along. ~ Geezer.


Porcini with tongue in red wine.

Escargot, with chilli on a bed finely chopped crispy ear

Spit roast “rump” seasoned with rosemary, (smoked on request)

Tiramisu, soaked in fresh blood
sprinkled lightly with powdered kidney (Coco powder on request)

LOL just could not resist!

But of course Geezer you know i'm just pulling your leg! YUM

Thank you...Teddy

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