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How does one DELETE old PM's?


So how does one DELETE old PM's? They are begining to clutter up my inbox.
Thought I saw a note from Andrew a couple of months ago saying that this is now possble to do.
Not sure I know HOW.

O is there is a button on top of the message page that you can mark as read, unread or archive but I do not see delete and it is a good idea to get rid of them old pm's isn't it? Someone will come on and hopefully give you a better answer then me.


no idea

if not why not?


ticking desired message/s and then selecting "archive"
from the action box will remove them from your inbox

the "all messages" tab will show those archived
the message system could really do with a delete button though


When the great door up yonder slams behind each of you, there will appear a man/woman with wings, and in their hand they will carry one long scroll it will be all the messages that you have sent out into the ether.
They will read unto you the content and the final decision of him that knows everything.
They may frown and point downwards, so be careful the things you write to others, that they may have to be answered to.
Send out love from this day forward that it may change the pointing finger from down to up... La La
Love you all, Sparrow.
PS:- After the message is sent or thought it is already on the scroll

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

That I don't know...
but archives someday
will be unearthed
when I get the Nobel,
some guy will say
He/She edited it,
so goes my Nobel
As it is.

Archives or none
let's all have some fun.
Humor is the spice of life,
given by God not to critiques
but jokers of a circus
who we all know
are the qualified ones

So am I in the run…


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