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For Sharon...
By, Geezer

She waited and she waited
but through the passing years
she found there was no answer
for her pain and tears

Left alone, bewildered
what did she do wrong?
He disappeared one night
"Oh God, it's been so long!"

It wasn't her, she didn't know
he just wasn't good enough
to think of how he hurt her
she was just a bit of fluff

She wasn't always on his mind
[thought about her now and again]
Always meant to call her
but the time was never then

One day he got a message
from the past; so long ago
she wanted to forgive him
wanted him to know

She just thought to see him
she was deathly sick
He couldn't face her now
explain his dirty trick

He often thinks about her
feels ashamed, it seems
for now, her tearful plea
comes to haunt him in his dreams

Time machine
by, Words.unwritten

If I could build a Time machine
I'm not sure where I'd go
A chance to alter memories
Unmeet people that I know

To unsay words I shouldn't have said
And say ones I wish I had
Rewrite each badly written page
Relive days spent with my dad

Unbreak my broken heart
Undoing all damage done
Erasing all the bad times
And relive all the fun

But I can't build a Time machine
So play cards dealt by fate
I don't need to Time travel
To a specific date

I've learnt that Time is precious
So why go back and waste it
Yes my future is unknown
But I can't wait to taste it

Life itself's a time machine
Wherever my destination
I will live each day content
In its subtle variation.

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