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Archive of Old Neopoet Contests?


Hello everyone,

I no longer have access to the Neopoet Archive (not sure if its on my end or if it is down for everyone) and I was wondering if there is any place that stores the old contests from several years ago. I won two contests in a row once upon a time and would just like to retrieve those poems if possible. My end goal is to list those wins on my resume because it really needs some spicing up!

I know one of the poems was "The Answer: Accretion" and I believe the contest was either held by Jonathan/Pugilist or the prizes (this was back when there were material prizes!) were donated by him: two really cool vintage/antique pens that I have no clue how to operate, but stare at lovingly.

If anyone has access to archives or maybe old records of some kind and could look through there for me to see if they can find those poems or any information about them, I would really appreciate it! Ideally I would have the contest names, month/year, and poem title. Even if the poems themselves are gone, the information is what is more important. I have no clue what my username was at this time (not swamp-witch, definitely), but people did already know me as Kelsey.

Thanks in advance!

Contest tab>Find a contest>Archive tab

This list the contests. The results were posted in Stan's blogs. If the Contest name doesn't help then search your own poems and you should have put (contest month) in the title. hope this helps.

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