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cant seem to post poem


its been 24 hours...any advice out there would be happily accepted!!

Thank U!

past twenty four..still cant post...
anyone else having this issue...
if not..then its something just with me!
anyone have any ideas?
I do....
lets share em!

author comment

have you reported this bug? try contacting Neopoet using the "Help" tab. sorry you are having this problem...I was in the mood for one of your poems, too!

*hugs, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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not sure either....Interesting though! never had this issue before!
the two I wrote and could not post were not earth shattering and I
have no problems writing! Thanks for the praise...I will in week
continue to ask for help on this and eventually contact the owners
Thanks Candlewitch! In meantime I can adress to commenting
on the Lost or Undiscovered!

Thank U!

author comment

will keep trying.
thanks cat!


author comment

Irrespective of storms...
lovers go on...
lover’s times come once in a way....
like do Haiti storms...
so as you love on the beaches sand....
listen to my poetry as you land...........

How was the Miami Beach
During recent storm of Haiti
Last time I wrote poetry
Hurricanes come to scare
not coz GOD willed it
but atmosphere wanted to laugh
at falling pressures
on man's back
as does a monkey
'twas a storm
man did not call for
nor by God
it was nature’s deal
to tell all
beware, I shall prevail after all
Ere comes this another normal fall...

THEY all love me as I do them
I know not who they are
but am sure
they are lovely men and women
we must love all whilst we live this earth
is our only home and heaven

those who feel we will meet
in an unknown heaven
need a medical examination
let them all start with

then give up all hopes
of heavenly salvation
how will they know
ask them
but don't let them say
our forefathers said so
then ask them
how could they know

our brains energise
for ere the fall
we know winter's snow
will kill many
silently but maybe slow

even in the UK we cannot post, I tried but to save it just goes in circles, Take care out there
Yoyrs Ian..

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

all on the same footing
well wait and c

I am enjoying writing and commenting more in the quiet mode...
and even this week I think I will refrain from posting poetry and more
on the critique or comment as much as I can!
its been a learning experience.
and I thank the AEC and Andrew for their help in this!

Mr Esker!

author comment

old men sleep less

as they do less physical work
don't get tired
brain says
get up do some work

I often sleep for two evening hours five to seven
go to bed at midnite plus minus
then at 2 am eyes wide open
I stare into the cob webbed ghostly not ghastly ceiling

then something within me says
wake up man
the day has dawned
yes it's only 3am
and I yawn
till actual dawn is born

the as the sun peeks into my bedroom
I shut my eyes and sleep

Now I know sun is keeping vigil over me
then at 12 PM non
have bed tea

another work-less day begins
my spouse only grins

always just took night watch over
the turmoil of life early with the family
i would sit on roof..climb out window
fog..moon..wind in trees...made up
for all the yelling and conflict which
was not that much but it was a hurricane
when it was on....
so the night was mine and knowing
that the sun was up...i was safer
if not burnt out..the mind sharp on
survival mode..but the fade in and out
was a concern...
i tried to sleep at ten...
but the nightmares still wake me

im keeping busy today
much to do..kind of like being
always on that edge
adrenalin nicotine and caffienne
with my regular stay sane drugs
and painkillers from wear and

Thanks Lovedly


author comment

Has it been fixed?

thank u

author comment

so the site wont let me post after the preview it says to hit save to publish but it keeps bringing back to the preview page without posting

I expect it will be fixed before long


Two poems... Push Save. Nothing happens. Losing hope.

Hello what is the issue that you are having exactly so I can take it to our technical person thank you I apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused

you are trying to post more than one poem per 24 hours?

you have our attention.

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