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Contest Prizes


I reckon a few of ya'll are aware I'm running a contest in order to judge whether or not there's interest in there being periodic official contests here on site ( I hope you will enter). If it becomes obvious that there IS interest in contests there will have to be some type prize which doesn't require sending out material goods via mail. (Too Expensive).

So this is a chance to let me know some ideas for prizes which are both inexpensive(or free) as well as desirable. So let me have your ideas here.

should be the keyword as this should be installed in the site and works automatically.
He can add some kind of trophies or tokens to the winner's name or to his/ her profile. We have seen this applied on other sites and I think it is very effective.
I also like the idea of handwritten copy of the contestant. I thought it would be really invaluable and won't cost much, I believe.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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Not withstanding your Arrow head which I would love, I will supply a book of poetry if you would like, that can be signed by the winner each time and passed to the next contest winner, as you decide who (dares) wins,
That sounds like a cliché lol I still have my cup though not the winner, I was robbed.
I do some craft work and we swap items across the world but many in the USA, so sending stuff across the world would not be a problem..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Your idea is a good one but it would burden the winner with the expense of mailing the book to the next winner. I recall mailing a few book sized items to the U.K. and Australia and if memory serves using the cheapest mail it cost about twelve dollars. Not much, but we don't know the circumstances of others here and $12 might be a considerable burden.

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If the main prize for the year is a book on poetry, then I would be willing to buy it, and send it to the poet of the year, taken from your bi-weekly list or whenever you held the contest and the yearly winner would receive the book.
I think that once a year I could find an old book someplace and post it for around a total of $20 US.
Something like Tennyson's works or what ever, I could find a different one each year as long as I am around lol.
There would be no need to pass it on, and for that price it would be fine, this would give some of our writers something to aim for.

Stuck on a book as a prize, though the bi-weekly prize would be something smaller lol.

One day Stan we will have our own Neopoet book each year and that is the main aim of us seeking Perfection,

Yours as always Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

What do ya'll think about the winners' entries being included in an end-of year posting which has all winners' poems in a blog or forum post which could be downloaded?

And that brings up a question of if contests should be bi-weekly or monthly..........

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In 2016 we will be instituting a new contest format. There will be 10 contests, monthly, from February to November. The prize for each contest will be a $25 (USD) gift certificate delivered via email.

Each contest will be subject to a set of rules. Any entry not following the rules of the contest will not be considered for judging.

If you have any suggestions for a contest, submit them prior to January 8, 2016.


Jonathan Moore

one opens Neopoet
display the winners names every day

Cash awards and sending emails etc
to my pin type dwarfed mind
appears impracticable
but then Stan you know me
I will never a Winner ever be
Never have been

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