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emergence from submergence

I like the two comment initialization just hours fresh
It is enough increments to show how a poem can
be "obscure" enough or very "obscure" risquee
that non can grapple with a response....or its just
difficult to start a dialogue with the poem. In going
over my own works I see the ones that do not have
the required two comments to be set aside from
undiscovered to main stream.....And I see the ones
with heavier traffic flow more in definition now!

I went through and did more commenting then
usual inspired by the latest addition to this site
in implemented changes.....
shall try to keep up my good work

Thank You Neopoet!


I shall comment more on your works now if there is a restriction put on numbers of entries per comments.
Don't take any off your work is a singular type and many learn from your way of writing,
Take care young Wolf the forest is deep so try to just skirt the edges when needed, I have written of the woods that are there for me when things are not good but they seem so few for me.
Know that you are read and all your comments have built us a picture of you.
A solitary man that needs much vision to fill his mind, a caring man that looks to his elders with the love of ages, no matter what.
Take care there are many out there that learn from you,
Yours Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

something the poets of lore and before
did...and happened
a lot issued up pretty good..
Me I no different..
world of me...

I shall weave the eccentric circles I love
like doodles in the sand
a snowman of proportional structure

as always..

greatly like the new fire we have under
our asses here
its showing in the great comments

thank you!

author comment

Sometimes with the work of the lone Wolf (lol) there may be a need to put just a little explanation in there some place.
Who me did I say that??
Yep it is for many that would love to understand why those words of yours are thought a lot of by quite a few of the well read poets and thinkers.
Yours as always Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

We are fortunate for the good ol Interweb today to exchange our poems
and thoughts and works and comments...
an ongoing classroom and lecture study hall..
a coffee room..a bar...a den...
all of us from different backgrounds and places!

I will try to shed more light on my creations
which goes far....One of the great reasons I love
poetry was from reading the often cruise control lives
the poets published produced
and the tormented souls whom blazed out of the sky
as flaming wrecks....But oh how they flew!!
they dared the sky those ones.

Thank you for your time Ian....
let us continue to make Neopoet the great
ponderance and pontificant place that it

author comment
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