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what the hell do you say in a blog?

am i supposed to complain or something? i honestly have no idea what i'm doing. i could let you in on the GCCS highschool drama, but i think i'll stick with just my friends for now. with all the stress that school is bringing, i'm not so sure of myself anymore. my friend from long island says to me, "where did the self confident girl i used to know go, because i'd like to see her again. what happened to singing just because you love to and not listening to your parents when they put you down?" i told her i didn't know, because that's the truth. i can't tell who my friends are anymore with everyone's stupid, petty problems. i've got plenty of those but i don't rant about them. whatever, downers, i've got no time for ya. recently a guy i USED to call my brother used me to get back at his ex. she just happens to be my best friend. then he said something about the person I am completely crazy for and i said i was done with him. this is ongoing. a few days ago he accused me of being WITH his ex and said i, of all people, was the reason she wouldn't come back. what?! hell no! i know her like no one else does but i am no lesbian! i'm sick of the drama. he says he's gonna cut himself, and i said, no you're not. you and i both know you don't have the balls to-not to say that you should. i just can't stand it. maybe if i put it out there, someone will make sense of it and pass on that knowledge to me. after all, i'm the therapist for everyone with a problem, so where do i turn?


someone tell me if i did that wrong. please, i have no idea.

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A blog can contain whatever you want it to but they are usually used here for announcements or sharing ideas pertaining to poetry. I think this twittering thing I hear about is better suited for recording personal minutae but that's just me. You can post what you want short of attacking other members............stan PS as to your wondering what you did wrong in your described predicament you are asking the wrong guy lol

if you feel you've got to get it out it may as well be with us nick-names you've come to trust. i know you've probably heard this enough times but here goes- it's just high-school. you and everyone around you is learning (slowly and painfully) that they're not the center of everyone elses world. i guarantee just one year of life after HS will make you see how stupid all of it was (if you don't hang around too much, that is. get out there.)
your brother used you to get back at an ex? yea, i know what you meant but it was an attention grabber when i read it. just relax, it'll be a great story later when you write it out.

nullus anxietas,

in my teens (although some would argue that I did, smiles).

The Fool is wise. You will see all of these things as the hormone fueled melodramas that they are in just a few years time.

Hang in.

And yes, it is perfectly ok to post personal rants as blogs. You are amongst friends here.

Neopoet Directors

these personal rants won't come often, trust me. i don't really enjoy complaining because i know how annoying it is. as for being stuck in highschool, i can deal. i think.

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what the hell do you say in a blog?...
anything you want to...this is your space to say whatever
you want
and there's some pretty cool people here to offer an ear
and/or advice

shit that you go through in high school, is just that...shit (and pretty useless shit at that)
the thing is though, that you don't realise that until it's passed...and going though it can be tough.

if you recognise something is a mini melodrama, an attention-seeking act,
don't get caught up in it...don't waste that emotion
KNOW yourself (it will help you know others, and in turn help you deal with situations)
stay true to yourself, your ideals, beliefs, etc
don't share personal stuff with those you know could one day use it against you...
share only with that one (or two?) REAL friend...the friend you know in your gut will
always have your back
when the dramatics and shallowness of high school get to you, use this site
when you're pissed, frustrated, happy...whatever...write it out

there's sometimes drama here, but you won't find shallowness
and people will be straight with you


i'll take all of that to heart :) this site is the best thing on the internet for me!

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the kind people on neo have also give me loads of advice on my issues. I feel that a strangers advice is often more welcome and useful than a friends.

no wonder some people live on the internet! if only things like this could happen in real life.

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