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imagery lesson 1

Now color usage is key but use it carefully use it on an object that has some significance to the character . Color helps imprint or hammer out an image. But choose your words carefully to make color like a personality or a living being . Ir describe the feeling the color makes up you feel I also just alliteration for build up to the color. Like for example
The bright and new color of blue . You see you don’t just put in a color. It has to have some significance otherwise there would be no reason to put it in.
like white represents clarity or blue may represent bashful or even
Red which depending on the subject matter it would be raging or vengeful.


There are so many types and so many ways to use imagery. Always good to see others dig into the tech aspects

Well that’s my grasp upon the idea yes and that’s how I see it I try to remember the things I want to write I write it in my head but I have adhd so I get distracted and then I forget it.
Again thank you

Hlm life without literature is a life without logic.

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