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Eduardo Cruz's blog

Myth, Fairytale and Reality? (poem)

When the final curtain falls upon my eyes
while the Gods haggling sounds like barks
and winged creatures do battle high above
for whom will obtain my life’s spark
as I return to the great void
to wait and see whom will call
if by chance might I return to the human race,

short story:The Luck of Numberta

Student submission: Eduardo Cruz
Professor Sally Leslie; remedial writing class
University of Maryland

The Luck of Numberta

Numberta Vigori impatiently waited for the train.
At this snails pace, I’ll be home at 9:30pm with only a half hour to go meet Dave.
I hope he pops the question, I will immediately say yes, who wouldn’t. Dave will be out of Colombia University soon and interning at some hospital, hopefully at Mt. Sinai. In two years he’ll have is own Cardiovascular Practice. I will be living like a Queen, she thought smiling to herself.

Time to read

I am trying to make more time to read everyones writes, so right now I apologize if i have not read everyone, but soon I will be back on a regular bases.


A Joke

A burglar breaks into a darken house. He starts going through everything, looking for cash and jewelry. Once he’s done downstairs, he goes up to the bedrooms. In a Childs room, he breaks a piggy bank and takes all the change. He goes into the master bedroom and starts going through the dresser draws.

Hey, to all of you!

In a couple more weeks I will be able to dedicate more time to the site. I am getting things under control in the new job. I will be happy to start reading and writing again. I miss you guys very much!
See you soon, well not see you just talk to you as it were.

Fast Eddie

Hope to see you soon!

I am stepping away from Neopoet for a good while, because of work related issue.
I love you all here at Neopoet. please know that I will return as soon as it is possible
thank you all for all your years of putting up with me. LOL

Love you all,
Fast Eddie Cruz


Rain falls down on trees
pouring from limbs as our tears
do they cry as we


The workshop "Splash Pool" is about to kick off tomorrow June 20 2011.
I am looking for YOU to join in, this workshop is on the different writing froms, freeform, Western and Haku.
This is truly going to be fun and interesting to see what your free thinking minds can come up with.. Imagine writing a poem in one form and taking the same poem and writing it in another." talk about being challenged"
Are you up for it?
I hope to hear from you soon!

Come on now support Neopoet by joining a workshop (mine)

regards to all,

Neopoet survey

has everyone taken the survey on the home page.
if not please do.
Thank you

Let me say I'm sorry!

I am getting so busy with writing, Splash Pool and PM messages that I truly have had no time to read everyone's poems. I will try to somehow make sometime, because I do love reading an critiquing on your poems
Again I'm sorry to all my friends here, and those I've just come to know recently.
Eddie C.


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