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The Neopoet

Mid-Winter Cheer!

Yea it is mid-winter or a little past that but most of us may be in a continuing hibernation mode.

We do have news and hope to cheer you into the Springtime which is due on Sunday, March 20.

You may not have noticed but the contest winners are now listed in the winner’s profiles.  Checkout these two profiles as samples for real.


A small step for men and women but an advancement in the redesign of Neopoet.

Join a contest and begin your winning list. (you need to win first though)  : ~)

Stay tuned!


The home page news now has the Neopoem of the week and has been posting it for near a month now.

Hand selected by an anonymous group of our finest poets.

We pride ourselves on the human touch in all we do.

Post your poetry and leave a comment while on site, your writing may be selected.


The yearly contest of accumulated monthly contest wins will be broken into two six month contests and the two winners go toe to toe in a final contest.  This is being done so that all you Neopoets will have more ease in selecting your favorites.


Please welcome Race_9t0g0 to his directorship and a place on the cabinet.



The ‘traffic’ on Neopoet has had a sharp increase and we are very pleased to know this and hope that it continues.


Write but comment.  Comment and write.  It’s a win win!



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