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To wrap up 2021 and bring in 2022 at Neopoet the administration sends this Neopoet special edition newsletter to all members and hopes all have had happy holidays and will have a prosperous new year in 2022.  This past year was the year for contests and challenges at Neopoet.  The Cabinet initiated the yearly contest.  Also, the Neopoem of the week is managed and a new item in the news block.

Thanks to all for a more successful year and helping to move Neopoet into the future.


The winner of the yearly poetry selection as voted in by the general membership is Geezer.  We congratulate him for penning his masterpiece Aussieland is Calling.  Geezer will be receiving a 100 dollar VISA card and a one year Neopoet premium membership.  The poem in its entirety is below.  Please visit it and leave a comment by following the link provided below the poem.


Aussieland is Calling


I'd like to live down-under

In Aussieland by the sea

With wallabies and waves of thunder

And Eucalyptus trees


The Outback filled with the songs

Of Kookaburra birds

And frog-filled billabongs

Grasslands and kangaroo herds


I'd listen through the night

To Aboriginal didgeridoos

Watch the sun come up bright

Look for spiders in my shoes


Ahhhh, the call of the wild

The Outback calling me

Me, a nature-child

A regular Croc Dundee


About Geezer:

I have had a library-card since I was twelve, when I read Bram Stoker's Dracula in three days. I read mostly Sci-Fi these days, but do enjoy a good book no matter what the genera. I paint with black-light paints, collect things, [my wife says I'm a hoarder], have three grown sons, some grandchildren, I am retired, ride a motorcycle, do arty stuff like taking apart old toys and putting them back together in ways they weren't intended, to make funny stuff. I have been married to my third wife since 1986. [Lord knows how I've managed that!] I like photography, working on my friend's 1972 Chevy Nova, my motorcycle. I love dogs. I have been a member of Neo since before "The Crash". I love Neopoet for all the wonderful poets here at the site, and have made many, many friends here. ~ Geezer.

Kudos for Geezer!


Contests - Contests


Congratulations are in store for Scribbler for winning the December Poetry Contest with:

EXEMPT (December poem to friends now gone)

Follow the link at the bottom of the poem and please leave a comment.


EXEMPT (December poem to friends now gone)


They are all still here inside

the circuits made of silicon

where electrons dodge and glide.

Too many poets counted as gone.


Joe, the modest expert on verse

who taught with positive feedback

(or gentle critique at the worst).

His photons sprint among the black.


And elf who fought me tooth and nail

but over time became my friend

as he urged me toward perfection's grail.

He's here although he met his end.


Then Ian with his tame calm ways

who knew more than he would let on.

In near silence met his end of days.

He lives on even though he's gone.


Of course there is the "meter maid"

who tried her best to teach me scansion

correcting each mistake I made.

She lives on in her electronic mansion.


To all still within this electronic place

whose times came then came to pass

I hope this poem can find your trace.

I wish you all a merry Christmas

there where from death you are exempt..


*and merry Christmas to all still on this side of the veil.


Also, congratulations to scribbler for being named by the cabinet to host the stream workshop.

Kudos for Scribbler!


Contests, Contests and more Contests


The Neopoem of the week for the last week of the year 2021 is, Beneath Green Twig by Scribbler.  Congratulations to Scribbler.


Beneath Green Twig


I've come close to heaven and been through hell

in a life that's spanned too many years

sometimes lived badly other times well

while laughing like a fool or drowning in tears.


My time's seen failures and success.

I've earned awards and condemnations

and deserved them both I guess.

I admit this with no reservations.


All these thoughts occur to me

while sitting on this wild hill side

beneath a soaring poplar tree

as I watch a pair of hawks glide.


I use hunting deer as an excuse

for spending all this time alone.

(does this make me a recluse?)

or am I trying to atone?


There goes a small buck sneaking by

gangly as any teenage boy.

I could easily shoot but I don't try.

Merely spotting him brings me joy.


And now another year near made

so I arise prepared to go

as frost forms on hill and glade.

I look around carefully and slow

then proceed to where all love is made:

To home beneath a mistletoe.

Please stop by and leave  a comment.


The Neopoet Challenges have proved to be a success and will continue through 2022.

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